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Town of Jackson

  • Town Office: 150 E. Pearl St., Box 1687, Jackson, WY 83001, 307.733.3932.
  • Business Licenses: Required by the town on businesses within the city limits.
  • Zoning Ordinances: A list of ordinances as well as a color-coded map of zones is available at the Town Offices.
  • Inspections: Required at different phases of construction. Any change of an existing business requires an inspection by the Town and Fire Inspector. 307.733.4732.
  • Sign Ordinance: A sign permit is required and there will be a fee. A complete copy of the ordinance is available at the Town Offices.
  • New Construction: Sewage capacity and water capacity fees are charged on newly constructed businesses.

Teton County

  • The Teton County Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Regulations, which include performance standards, are available at the County Planning Office. This serves as a guideline for building standards, zoning restrictions, building heights, parking requirements, setbacks, landscaping requirements, etc.
  • Teton County Planning & Development Office: 200 S. Willow, second floor; Box 1727, Jackson, WY 83001; 307.733.3959, Fax 307.733.4451. This is the main contact for permits and regulations to do with business in Teton County.
  • Public Health Office: 460 E Pearl St.; Box 937; Jackson, WY 83001; 307.733.6401.
  • Business License: Not required, but a "change of use" permit is required in commercial districts if the use is changed and a development permit is required for a home business or other commercial activity and for non-residential development. Approval of permits may take 4 to 6 weeks depending on the use or the size of the development, 307.733.4430.
  • Food Sales: The sale of food items requires a permit from Teton County Environmental Health Office, 307.732.8490, Consumer Health Services, Cheyenne, WY, 307.777.7211.
  • Sign Ordinance: A complete copy of the existing sign ordinance is available at the County Planning Office.
  • Commercial Districts: Maps showing commercial areas in Teton County are available for a fee at the County Planning Office.
  • New Construction: All construction requires a building permit, the cost of which is based on the value of the building construction. Applications are available at the County Building Department. Approval for these permits may take 3 to 4 weeks.
  • Home Base Occupation Permit: Teton County has made allowance for some businesses to be run out of the home in residential areas. A list of businesses that qualify is available at the Planning Office.
  • Large Developments: Approval for large developments must be reviewed by the Planning Commission and sent on to the County Commissioners with the Commission's recommendations. This process takes from 4 to 5 months.
  • Building Contractor Requirements: All building contractors must comply with the State Department of Revenue and Taxation, 307.777.7961, related to their requirements. Non-resident contractors must contact the Deptartment of Employment, Worker's Compensation, 307.777.6763.

State of Wyoming

  • State Sales Tax Licenses: Sales and some services are subject to sales tax and require a sale, and use tax license from the Department of Revenue and Taxation in Cheyenne, 307.777.7961.

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