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Current DestiMetrics Reports

EXCERPT FROM THE NOVEMBER 30 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY | LOOKING FORWARD: The coming three months will tell much about the ongoing recovery, particularly with respect to the job market, where we would expect to see not only the creation of seasonal jobs, but the conversion of many of those positions to permanent in 2015. Consumer ought to follow suit, as low gasoline prices, increased earnings and returns from financial markets help boost confidence. On the cautionary side, we always look to Mother Nature as a potential spoiler, and recent warming trends at mountain destinations have raised a few warning flags, though we’re early in the season yet. Locally, Jackson Hole on-the-books Occupancy for December 2014 is up 10.4 percent compared to 2013, accompanied by an increase in rate of 3.0 percent.

Archived Reports

December 31, 2013 - Executive Summary  

How to Read the DestiMetrics Lodging Barometer / 45-Day Retail Report

The DestiMetrics reports provide a wealth of data in one document. Need help understanding how the graphs can predict occupancy? Download the following pdf handout: How To Read the DestiMetrics 45-Day Retail Report.

About the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce and DestiMetrics

The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce is pleased to work with DestiMetrics, the premier provider of lodging performance benchmarking tools to mountain resorts throughout the western United States. DestiMetrics provides numbers on a 45-day forward looking basis that identifies occupancy strengths and opportunities which enable lodging properties and destination marketers to more efficiently manage rates and target promotions. The reports are published monthly throughout the year and twice each month during the winter ski season (beginning November 15, 2014 and concluding April 15, 2015).

Chamber President/CEO Jeff Golightly commented, "DestiMetrics will provide a practical benefit to our Chamber members and to the entire community of Jackson Hole. The information will be an invaluable tool for local government, businesses, and nonprofit organizations to assist with strategic programming, staffing, purchasing, event planning, and more." 

The Chamber would like to recognize community partners who helped to make this tool available: Jackson Hole Central Reservations, and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism Joint Powers Board, and JH AIR.

For information about the DestiMetrics Jackson Hole report, please contact the Chamber at 307.733.3316 or info@jacksonholechamber.com

An Eye on the Economy

The Jackson Hole Economic Dashboard is compiled by the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce each month so that our Members can be aware of the numbers that effect business in Jackson Hole.

Jackson Hole Economic Dashboard | December 11, 2014

Lodging Tax Revenue Report Update | May 8, 2014

The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce is transitioning the way that we report lodging tax revenues in order to provide more relevant tools for our members. Please download the following letter from President/CEO Jeff Golightly for more information. Click here. [pdf]

Visitors Coming to "Roam Free" in Wyoming | February 12, 2014

Wyoming's tourism economy continues to grow. A preliminary assessment of Wyoming's travel and tourism impact shows a 4.6% growth in visitors to the state in 2013. Visitors to Wyoming increased from 8.67 million people in 2012 to 9.07 million people in 2013. This follows strong growth in the past three years, with total visitor volume increasing over 20% since 2009, which is twice that of the national average. Click here for more information from www.wyomingofficeoftourism.gov.

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