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The power of our environment is reflected by the fact that over 3 million people from all over the world come to visit here to see and take in our incomparable scenery, wildlife, and quality of air and water. Some of us are drawn to live and work here because of this. We live next to two world-class national parks surrounded by relatively pristine national forests comprising the largest intact natural ecosystem in the lower 48 states and the southern end of a corridor of wildlands stretching to the Yukon. The source of water for our nation is Yellowstone National Park which serves as the wellspring for 8 major rivers. The opportunities are innumerable and unparalleled to recreate, enjoy life, receive inspiration, and be well.

Respecting the power of our place is realizing that not only are our economy, community, and environment what makes this place special, but being aware that the three are interrelated. What helps or harms one will affect the other two. Our economy, community, and environment are woven together into a value that can serve to guide our businesses, organizations, and agencies in our development, operations, promotions, and challenges. The long term health of our business community is sustained by these three legs which engender a triple bottom line of a healthy economy, community, and environment.

Teton County Commissioners Take Historic Action and Approve Zero Waste Resolution

The Teton County Board of Commissioners has taken historic action by unanimously adopting a Zero Waste Resolution in the fall of 2014. As a result, a decade from now, Teton County’s opportunities to divert waste from the landfill will be greater than they are today, possibly including programs such as food waste composting and widespread commingled collection of recyclables. The Zero Waste Plan, a result of the Zero Waste Resolution, will be designed to achieve the initial goal of 60% diversion of waste from the landfill by the year 2030. The adoption of the resolution makes Teton County the first community with a Zero Waste Resolution in Wyoming, Montana or Idaho, and one of only six in the Rocky Mountain region. Only 31 communities in the United States have passed Zero Waste Resolutions.

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