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Green in the Workplace

Here are the steps the Chamber is taking to become greener, and how your business can do so as well! With their BEST certification, they hope to be sustainable leaders in the community and encourage their members to do the same.

Background: The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce Sustainability Story

The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce is committed to being a leader in business sustainability and sustainable tourism in Jackson Hole and Teton County, Wyoming. We seek to preserve our natural and cultural heritage while contributing to local economic development and sustainability. We seek to inspire and educate our Member businesses and guests and introduce them to our authentic and incomparable natural and cultural heritage. We seek to engage our staff, suppliers, and community to work collaboratively towards a goal of improved sustainability for the destination we serve.

As of April 8, 2019, the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce Achieved Their Goal in Becoming BEST Certified!!

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We are working to promote sustainable business and destination policy and practices based upon the criteria developed by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council. In partnership with the Riverwind Foundation, the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce is developing and implementing sustainability policy and practices in our organization and encouraging other businesses and organizations to do so as well. These policy and practices include the areas of Finances and Business Planning, Economic Development, Cultural Protection, and Promotion, Environmental Stewardship, Education, Health and Safety, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Purchasing, and Waste Management. We plan to receive certification from Sustainable Travel International for our demonstrated commitment to sustainability policy and practices. 

The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce Believes that Green = Green.
From our dynamic economy to our strong sense of community, to the importance of our public lands, the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce believes that Green=Green. The implementation of sustainable business practices can positively affect an organization’s bottom line; being green can save green (money). And in today’s environmentally conscious marketplace, being green can even make green (money)! Green=Green is an outlook that places the residents of Jackson Hole and the greater Teton region at an advantage because the implementation of this ideal strengthens our triple bottom line.

The Jackson Hole Chamber Commits to 100% Green Power

The Chamber of Commerce has committed to buying 100% green power from Lower Valley Energy. This means Jackson’s energy utility will add renewable sources to the local power grid to provide electricity to the Chamber.

“When more people sign on to purchase green power, the local energy grid adds more renewable sources and relies less on nonrenewable sources like oil and natural gas,” said Phil Cameron, Executive Director of Energy Conservation Works, a local advocate for sustainable energy.

“This decision fits perfectly under that the Chamber’s strategic plan pillars [Community Excellence], and we encourage other businesses to adopt best practices that ensure good environmental stewardship and that continue to establish Jackson as a forward-thinking and innovative community,” said Anna Olson, the Chamber’s President and CEO.

Apply for the BEST Program

Do you want to be one of the BEST?
Reduce Reuse Recycle (RRR) Business Leaders have the option to pursue an advanced certification for sustainable business practices. The Business Emerald Sustainability Tier or BEST program is for those businesses that are committed to environmental, social, and economic sustainability performance comparable to the highest global standards. Those businesses that are successful in meeting the BEST standard will be certified and recognized for their commitment to sustainability as our community’s Emerald Leaders.

Businesses that successfully apply to participate in the BEST Program will receive up to 10 hours of assistance from the Riverwind Foundation. This support includes guidance for meeting the BEST standard, assistance with the BEST survey, and access to the BEST Library of information resources including best practices. Lodging businesses will also be assisted in taking the TripAdvisor Green Leader Survey.

Businesses ready for certification will be assessed through a desktop documentation review and an on-site visit. Upon successful completion of the assessment, businesses will be certified as an Emerald Leader. Emerald Leaders will receive recognition and promotional benefits from the Riverwind Foundation and its partners.

We proudly recognise our members who have also achieved The Business Emerald Sustainability Tier!

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Who will be next to join us?

Click Here to learn more about the BEST businesses in town and how to become one

To apply for the BEST Program or to receive further information, please contact Tim O’Donoghue at or (307) 690-3316.

Becoming A Sustainable Destination 

The vision of the award-winning Jackson Hole & Yellowstone Sustainable Destination Program is for Jackson Hole to be “recognized as a world-leading sustainable community and destination.”  This vision has been adopted by the Town of Jackson and Teton County who passed a resolution expressing their support for this vision and initiatives that “contribute to the fulfillment of community goals and destination standards for environmental, social, and economic sustainability.”  The impacts that the Riverwind Foundation and its partners created have contributed to recognition by the World Travel & Tourism Council as a Tourism for Tomorrow Award 2018 Finalist, National Geographic as a World Legacy Award 2017 Finalist, Green Destinations as a Top 100 Sustainable Destination in 2016 and 2017, and by our local Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Business Leaders (RRR BL) program of our progress toward this vision. Learn how to support the program and get more information HERE

Green Business Outreach 

Thanks to Energy Conservation Works, they have some great resources to help your business finance for energy efficiency and why GREEN POWER in the workplace works. 

Business Loan Program

Why Go Green?

Green Power Pamphlet

Thank you to Energy Conservation Works for this helpful information

Lower Valley Energy

One simple action that any member of the community can take is choosing Green Power through Lower Valley Energy. This simple and affordable option lets you choose 100% renewable power from certified, renewable energy sources on our local grid. Sourced from the Horse Butte Wind Farm, just east of Idaho Falls, this electricity receives a Renewable Energy Certificate, verifying its authenticity as renewable and documenting its end use.


Lower Valley Energy Green Power from Energy Conservation Works on Vimeo.

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