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2015 Jackson Hole Explorer Magazine

Jackson Hole Explorer Magazine is the face of the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce. Thousands of visitors and locals use the magazine to plan vacations and to find events, services, and information about Chamber members like you.

The Chamber is looking forward to building on summer's success with a new campaign for the Explorer Visitor Planner and Membership Directory.

We will engage readers with a focus on the Snake River and its critical role for the valley's economy, highlighting several key areas, including its origin, historical features, conservation issues, as well as recreational opportunities. We will also feature your page listings with an associated photograph to help your business stand out even more.

The deadline for reserving your space is Monday, October 13. Ad copy will be due in early November. Call us today! For more information, please contact Andy Heffron, Membership Manager, or 307.201.2301.

The success of the magazine is due in large part to our community-minded members who share images depicting the natural beauty and culture of Jackson Hole. Thank you! The editorial team is currently accepting photo submissions for 2015. Please consider making a contribution. For more information, please contact Kate Foster, Communications Manager, or 307.699.0096.

Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce Website Connects Visitors with the Members and Resources They Need

The internet has changed the way people plan their vacations. Based on recent research, statistics indicate that 90% of the Chamber's web traffic comes from visitors, which is why this new web portal has been developed. It provides the visitor with technology to reach businesses and services in just a few clicks. "You have 8 seconds to reach someone's attention and get them to buy your product," said Toby Byrum, a well-known web consultant.

The site compliments the Jackson Hole Explorer Magazine, a printed visitors guide to the area. The type of marketing provided by the site has often been coined, "Real Time Marketing." For instance, Chamber members are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year through this type of technology. It also proves beneficial to the businesses listed on the site. It provides a means to reach the thousands of people visiting the site each day.

Now that consumers can reach a specific business faster and more efficiently, the business community can take advantage by purchasing advertising on the website. The technology allows businesses to purchase only what they need in terms of exposure. For many businesses this is a targeted and efficient approach. We are providing two incredibly valuable resources for advertising. The Jackson Hole Explorer Magazine and Jackson Hole Explorer online compliment each other and add value to the advertising dollar.

If you are interested in learning more about advertising opportunities in the Jackson Hole Explorer Magazine and the Jackson Hole Explorer online, please contact Andy Heffron, Membership Manager, or 307.201.2301.