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12 Days of Jackson Hole Christmas: A Regimen for My Friend’s Sculpted Body

Read about few of the many awesome fitness related business in our small, but powerful community that could provide proactive and beneficial gifts that keep on giving.

On the eighth day of Christmas my small town sold to me…a regimen for my friend’s sculpted body
By Operations Manager Riley Frances Boone

I’ve eaten more cookies than normal in this week. A couple of the justifications:

  • “It’s the holidays!”
  • “Winter is coming, we’ve got to pack on the insulation!”

I hear these justification daily surrounding a voluntary, yet accidental diet of peppermint bark and chocolate covered snowflake cookies. While the justifications convince me we’re all on the same, glutenous track for only a few more weeks, I still can’t justify the sugar sinking spell immediately following each bite or the new struggle to put on my favorite jeans. While out shopping for those I cherish most, I couldn’t help but derail and think about something that I would want most. Quite frankly, I think I’d do cartwheels if someone gifted me a membership to a boutique yoga studio or barre studio in town. So, in that vein of thought, continue reading for some cartwheel worthy Christmas gifts for your friends who don’t like to struggle to get into their jeans.

Pursue Movement Studio is a fabulous place to start. At Pursue, they believe in toning, meditating, energizing and being happy. All things many of us go into the new year seeking out. Pursue offers drop-in rates, monthly and yearly membership. With such a wide variety of classes to choose from, a gifted membership would make any recipient looking to get healthier in the new year, giddy to say the least.

If this friend is someone that doesn’t love to work out, can’t seem to find the time, or is just looking to try something new, JH Body Sculpting could be just the ticket. JH Body Sculpting uses a technique called SculpSure to help people get rid of “trouble zones” if you will. “SculpSure is a quick body contouring procedure that eliminates stubborn fat without surgery or downtime. During the FDA approved treatment, you are awake and comfortable as laser light energy is used for proven results.”  A consultation could be the first step in helping your friend achieve the bod they want.

Revolution Indoor Cycling offers private, small group, pre/postnatal, and one-on-one options including riding, rowing, and yoga. With great music and a friendly vibe it’s about getting a killer workout. Learn a more about owner Julie Guttormson in a recent edition of #humansofjhchamber: click here. A one-week unlimited pass starts at $59 and offers a perfect introduction to the class schedule. 

Another great gift idea would be a membership gift card to Core Changes with Carey. Carey offers group and individual classes. And I can speak from experience when I say she knows how to whoop a soft bod into shape. With a wide variety of classes to choose from, it’s an atmosphere works the body and the mind, and any recipient of a gifted membership is sure to love it.  

These are just a few of the many awesome fitness related business in our small, but powerful community that could provide proactive and beneficial gifts that keep on giving. Cheers to the cookies, they are good at first bite. But good on you, for assisting your friends so their jeans don’t get too tight!

This story is a part of the Chamber’s 12 Days of Jackson Hole Christmas shopping guide. The guide places a focus on the local businesses and nonprofits of Jackson Hole in an effort to encourage shopping local. Get a variety of cool gift ideas for the variety of cool people in your life, all the while staying local. You can also find us on Instagram, @jhchamber. Follow our campaign hashtags: #shoplocal #shoplocaljh #greatuntillate