Chamber Support Letter to Residents Affected by Government Shutdown

January 23, 2019

To Our Colleagues and Partners,

The Staff and Board of the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce wish to show our support to all federal employees and your families affected by the current government shutdown.

We greatly value your partnerships between our local businesses, local government, and federal organizations. Many people in our community dedicate their professional lives to a variety of organizations currently affected by the shutdown. The dedication, commitment, and efforts each of you show the community are extremely valued.

We are aware of the difficult situation the government shutdown has created for many Teton County community members. We express our gratitude, support, and assistance from the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce to all affected during this uncertain time.

Due to the duration of the Government Shutdown, the Chamber is collecting a list of resources being offered to the Federal employees by Chamber Members, to assist in the circumstances. If you are a Chamber Member and would like to participate, please contact us at or visit to see the resource list and contributors. 

Thank you, 
The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce Executive Committee 


Tim Harland, Chairman                             Kris Shean, Vice Chair                                Joe Madera, Past Chair                                                                


Adam Meyer, Treasurer                           Jason Williams, Secretary


Anna Olson, President & CEO               Rick Howe, Vice President

To view the list of resources available, please view them here

View letter regarding Government Shutdown to the President of the United States and members of Congress signed by our organization