Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce

From the Intern’s Desk: Humans of JH Chamber

Last weekend I kept myself busy with a night out on the town on Saturday and an 8-mile hike in Grand Teton National Park from String Lake to Trapper Lake with Casey on Sunday.

This week I officially started my Instagram campaign “Humans of JH Chamber” (#humansofjhchamber). The idea for this project has been cultivating in my mind for a while. It has clear inspiration from Brandon Stanton’s Humans of New York photo blog, a project that I’ve always been extremely fascinated by. Numerous social media accounts based off HONY for other cities exist; the Chamber offers an interesting opportunity to focus on a smaller population.  

The #humansofjhchamber project celebrates Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce members by exploring their histories and missions in addition to showcasing the people behind each business. The purpose of this campaign is to feature Chamber members by sharing their stories and emphasizing the importance of local businesses in Jackson. The project focuses on humans (hence the name!), with photo captions based on interviews about the life of the interviewee, and subsequently, the life of the business. The overarching point being: the prosperity of a business is nothing without the passions and intelligence and diligence of the people behind it. I think this is important to remember, because at the end of the day, we’re all humans who have stories.

On Monday I sat down with the charismatic, talkative Tim Harland. Our lengthy and enjoyable conversation made it difficult to condense into one Instagram caption. I’m extremely grateful for Tim agreeing to be my first feature—his history with local businesses and in the Jackson community is more than impressive, from his previous role at Snake River Brewery to his community service as a firefighter to now being VP of Sales & Marketing at Grand Teton Distillery as well as incoming board chair of the Chamber. Learn about the story of Chamber member Grand Teton Distillery from Tim’s perspective in my first Instagram post here.

Tuesday evening we celebrated Renee Leone, outgoing Events & Membership Coordinator, as she said goodbye to the Chamber and heads to law school in the fall. The event was held at the Grand Teton Distillery Tasting Room and full of Wyoming mules and vodka lemonades, all made with the products I had just learned about. On Thursday I sat down with the lovely Rose Caiazzo of Rose Consulting, LCC. Look out for her story on Instagram next week! Also coming up are Jackson Hole Outdoor Leadership Institute, LCC and Pursue Movement Studio. Please contact me at if you want to be featured!

This week was also full of more trail runs, getting my butt kicked in interval classes, serving a rack of lamb or two at The Blue Lion, Bartender’s Margaritas at The Wort, and binge-watching Orange is the New Black season 5. That’s the life of an intern in Jackson.

Tanya, the Intern