Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce

Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce Committees

The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce champions the interests of local businesses, enhances their prosperity, and strengthens Teton County’s economic climate.

Much of what we do is thanks to community leaders who volunteer their time for the betterment of the valley and local business.

Our volunteers help on the ground to make an event run seamlessly, some sit on volunteer committees that help guide the direction of the organization and from there some join the Board of Directors who govern all that the Chamber does. Being on a Committee is an opportunity to gain leadership skills and to get to know other business professionals. 

Want to get involved?

Chamber members have the opportunity to participate on committees that play significant roles in directing Chamber efforts. The Chamber Board of Directors, Executive Committee and staff select members for these committees based on the level of expertise in the areas of marketing, events, business development, young professionals, government and community affairs. If you’d like to get involved by volunteering on a Chamber Committee, email Operations Manager, Riley Frances Harris at for more information.

Chamber Current Committees 2020-2021 & Summaries:

Membership Committee:

The purpose of the Membership Committee is to assist the Chamber in membership recruitment and retention through developing and implementing membership programs to educate and stimulate participation by members and involving our members in Chamber activities, networking and marketing opportunities.

See committee members here.

Destination Global Sales Committee:

See committee members here. 

Business Development / Visitor Services Committee:

The purpose of this committee is to ensure fulfillment of the Visitor Services priorities as defined by the Jackson Hole Chamber Board of Directors and recommend policy and direction towards our Business and Community responsibility towards providing existing and future optimal visitor services before, during and after the Visitor experience. Subcommittee include:

  • Retail Committee: Develops and conducts programs for supporting and recruiting retail businesses

Government & Community Affairs Committee: 

The purpose of the Government and Community Affairs committee is to proactively track and recommend positions and action plans for legislative, government affairs and other issues of importance to the community.

See Govt. & Community Affairs committee members here.

Young Professionals of The Tetons:

The mission of the Young Professionals of the Tetons (YPT) is to serve our participants by engaging them in our community, embrace diversity, inclusiveness, and support their personal and professional development so they can become the future leaders of our region. Join YPT.

See YPT committee members here.

Special Events Committee:

To conduct short- and long-term planning, coordinate, and oversee the development and implementation of events. Special Events Subcommittees:

  • ElkFest/Old West Days (EF/OWD) Committee:  Plans, promotes, coordinates, and conducts the program of events that comprise EF & OWD.
  • Fall Arts Festival (FAF) Committee: Plans promotes, coordinates, and conducts the program of events that comprise FAF.
  • Annual Awards Celebration Committee: Plans and conducts the best possible annual awards and social evening.

See Special Events commitee members here.

Committee Members

Membership Committee Members:

Elisabeth Rohrbach - JHCC Director of Membership: Director

Martha Bancroft – First Western Trust: Co-Chair

Rani Carr – The Anvil Hotel

Dr. Tyler Wright – JH Backcountry Health

Johanna Murphy – Springhill Suites Marriot

Susan Durfee – Central Wyoming College

Neil Partrick – Jackson Hole Resort Lodging

Lisa Delany – Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates

Destination Global Sales Committee Members:

Kent Elliot - JHCC Director of Destination Global Sales: Director 

Karen Connelly – St. Johns Hospital

Ned Wonson – Jackson Hole Mountain Resort: Co-Chair

Jason Williams – Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris

Julie Calder – Jackson Hole Resort Lodging

Matt White – Teton Resorts

Mary Bess – Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris

Sadek Darwiche – Hotel Jackson

Business Development Committee Members:

Rick Howe - JHCC Vice President: Director 

John Frechette – MADE, Mountain Dandy, Mursells Sweet Shop, M: Co-Chair

Patti Green 

Zachariah Turpin – Jackson Hole Jewelry: Chair

Tasha Starr – Four Seasons

Leslie Kraft – Accentuate

Fernando Ramos – White Buffalo Club

Government and Community Affairs Committee Members:

Richard Uhl Co-Chair

Stephan Abrams: The Liqour Store Liquor: Co-Chair

Scott Anderson

Jim Waldrop

Kevin Olson

Jeff Golightly

Steve Duerr

Melissa Turley

Young Professionals of The Tetons:

Committee Members:

Alex Lemieux - Director of Sales & Revenue, Wort Hotel: Director

Ariel Koerber - Marketing Manager, Snow King Resort

Will Gale - Project Manager, Teton Heritage Builders

Jesse Ryan - New Thought Digital Agency

Riley Frances Harris - JHCC Operations Manager: Liaison

Shelby Read - Program & Outreach Officer, Community Foundation of Jackson Hole

Andi Gollwitzer - JHCC Communication Manager: Liaison

Jordan Rich - Latinx Services Advocate, Community Safety Network

Special Events Committee Members:

Alex Lemieux

Tim Harland

Danny Shervin

Carrie Boynton (Co-Chair)

Kendra Alessandro

Matt Deehan

Molly Fetters

Allison Merritt

Amy Goicoechea

Andi Caruso

Chad Repinski

Diana Waycott

Latham & Megan Jenkins

Patti Green

Tote Turner

Kiera Wakeman

Stephan Abrams

Mo Murphy, Special Events         

Cliff & Loretta Kirkpatrick

Dick Shuptrine

Lori Iverson

John Hansen

Chuck Teske

JR Berezay

Mo Murphy, Special Events         

Tim Harland

Vicki Garnick

Morgan Jauon

Derek Beardsley

Sara Beth Judson