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Last Minute Tips for Businesses Before the Total Solar Eclipse

Chamber members are in making last minute preparations to welcome visitors for the August 21st Total Solar Eclipse. Local businesses are encouraged to be flexible and creative!

Should you stay open? Some businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government offices are preparing for extended business hours and special events. Others are planning to close. Consider how your business can best help visitors and customers. You know how your business and staff excel best!

What if registers go down? There is a chance that telecommunications could be impacted and regular POS platforms could be offline. Use cash registers that can be opened with a key, accept checks, and keep written records in order to add transactions to the register when regular telecommunications return.

Official Information

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  • Solar Eclipse Wyoming - The Official Wyomig Office of Tourism Informaiton Source:
  • Wyoming Department of Transportation - The Official Wyoming Transportation Information Source:

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7 Customer Service Tips for the Eclipse

  1. Smile and say hello. During times of extremely high traffic, consider having one person on your staff dedicated to greeting and thanking customers for their businesses (this person could stand at/near the door).
  2. Thank them for their patronage and/or for coming into your place of business.
  3. Anticipate customer needs, especially during the eclipse: do you need additional signage; do you need more toilet paper in the restroom; are your social media handles displayed prominently on your door.
  4. Be as helpful as possible.
  5. Be prepared for additional customers and create an opportunity for engagement. If you know you’ll have a long wait line, consider offering light bites while they wait for dinner, have samples out on the counter, etc.
  6. Focus on the quality of service, not how fast you can pump customers out the door. They’ll remember their experiences in Wyoming for years after the eclipse is over.
  7. Prep your frontline, backline and management staff. Consider giving them a pep talk and reminders before you open for the day.

Wyoming is poised to welcome more travelers at once than we’ve possibly ever had. Since the travel and tourism industry is known for its customer service skills, the Wyoming Office of Tourism compiled these tips to help ensure our travelers have the best experience possible. This list was adapted from the Wyomign Office of Tourism communications plan. For more helpful resources for businesses, visit

Chamber Staff Information

The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce staff members will be assisting visitors and local residents throughout the weekend at the Administrative Offices on Broadway, at the Home Ranch Welcome Center, and at the Jackson Hole & Greater Yellowstone Visitor Center. Regular office hours will be reinstated on Tuesday, August 22.