Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce

March’s B.O.B Successfully Connects Employers + Recruiters For Talented Differently Abled Employees

Earlier in March, the Chamber hosted another one of their monthly B.O.B's, but with this specific one they brought an important new topic that has already created opportunities for individuals in the community.

The March B.O.B this year focused on connecting employers with talented, energized and differently abled employees. Community organizations that specialize in recruiting, training and placing workers into jobs came and spoke in front of a crowd at e.Leaven, encouraging businesses to participate. The speakers that joined the discussion included:

  • From the Teton Transition Team (TTT) will be Tracie Welch from Teton County School District
  • Avery Bedford from the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR)
  • Carolyn Worth from Community Entry Services (CES)
  • Caroline Croft, the Interim Executive Director of Cultivate
  • Nora Yehia, the Executive Director of Vertical Harvest.

As a result of this, the Chamber is happy to share that the following businesses have hired workers through  the TTT. Those members include:

  • St. John's Hospital
  • Haagen Dazs
  • The Four Seasons 
  • Jackson Hole Mountain Resort 
  • Snow King-Already an existing partner, but have improved partnership

The Teton Transition Team have been working on building relationships for over a year and are always looking for new business partners to work with on recruiting differently abled employees. Interested? Send a message here.