At first glance Anne Buresh is the epitome of style and sophistication, so much so that it is reflected in Anne Buresh Interior Design’s mission statement:

“To transform lives by creating sophisticated, elegant spaces.

To present a transparent budget and systematic process for all concerned

—architect, custom builder, contractor, and client—on each individual project.

To execute a design process that is enjoyable and exceeds expectations.”

What becomes clear at second glance is Anne’s warmth, kindness, and caring nature. She is genuine and magnetic—a quick coffee date could spontaneously be followed by a glass of wine.

Anne’s Work

For more than a decade, Anne has been transforming people’s homes into more comfortable, relaxing sanctuaries that bring health and well-being to their everyday lives. To continue my analogy, just like Anne, she creates spaces that are like her – a sanctuary to enjoy a cappuccino with a friend, followed by a glass of wine.

Anne Buresh Interior Design is an award-winning, full-service design firm based in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Jackson Hole. ‘Southern Charm’ is Anne’s thread throughout her work; however, she has a global perspective. Her design begins outside the home itself and in the environment so that she can bring the best of its surroundings inside. The colors, the angles, the features of the area that drew the owners to their home in the first place.

Anne Buresh Interior Designs in Jackson Hole Wyoming

Anne’s Process

We know redesigning one’s home can be overwhelming. Anne’s process of close communication and transparency creates a smooth and fluid process. The initial emphasis is on the way you will use your home, then together you’ll create a customized schedule. Typically, she schedules 6-8 meetings to present up to 3 choices for each design element (no need to overwhelm you with less-than-perfect options). And, of course, the reveal day is everyone’s favorite, which is styled down to every detail—lit candles and fresh flowers.

Anne’s Tips

While Anne’s style is global, I’ve enjoyed her three-step guide on How to Blend Southern Hospitality with the West.

  • Design Tip 1 (Anne’s signature): Use the Environment to Inform Your Design Choices.
  • Design Tip 2: Use Accessories to Blend the South with the West.

Anne Buresh Interior Design Charlotte North Caroline Jackson Hole Wyoming Living Room Horns

Anne explains, “I blend traditionally framed art with Western-inspired art, using a skull and horns alongside works featuring colors from the surrounding environment, including a painting of a pair of dusty old Western boots. The neutral linen drapes brought an organic quality to the space, while the alabaster lamps and accessories pulled in colors from the upholstery and tables.”

  • Design Tip 3: Create a Balanced Look by Thinking about Ratios. 

Anne Buresh Interior Design Jackson Hole Wyoming Charlotte North Carolina Roses Flowers Lamp Horn Paining Art Entryway

“When two styles seem to be opposing each other, balancing them is important. Try not to give more weight to one look versus the other. Instead, add several elements that speak to both styles, which will result in a blended to a seamless look,” recommended Anne.

Read more about Anne Buresh Interior Design HERE and pick up one of the following famed-magazines where her work has been featured: Western Home Journal, Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Home Design & Decor, Charlotte Urban Home and many others.

Anne Buresh Interior Design Logo Charlotte North Carolina Jackson Hole Wyoming

To learn more about the artistic community in Jackson Hole visit our Arts & Culture page and to browse our boutique shops where you can purchase beautiful pieces that fit Anne's aesthetic.

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