Read along with Matt and Joe as they share their story of O'Ryan Cleaners on this entry of #humansofjhchamber

Owner Matt Ryan and his General Manager Joe Byron continue the three-generation Ryan family dry cleaning business with the tradition of extraordinary customer service while embracing more sustainable approaches to help the community stay green.

Matt's great grandfather began the first of the family's businesses in Wichita, KS back in the 1930s.  His grandfather, who ultimately brought the business to Jackson in 1988, was born in the apartment above great grandpa's original shop.  As a 21-year-old entrepreneur, Matt's grandfather moved to Kansas City, MO and opened his own shop with a different name, Snow White Cleaners to set himself apart from his Dad.  

Fast forward to the late '80s when Ryan cleaners opened on N. Cache as a retirement business.  Matt spent time working in grandpa's business during the summers and in 2010 at the age of 28, he opened his own dry cleaning operation with less than $8,000. 2013 showcased the addition of Matt's linen supply company. The business was thriving.  Matt purchased it from his grandparents in 2015 only to face a devastating fire 6 months later.  

Fire destroyed the business, but not Matt's spirit.  11 months and one day after the fire, Matt reopened in a new location on W. Broadway with a new name, O'Ryan cleaners in a tribute to his grandfather - the "O" in an Irish name means grandson. 

Matt and Joe work together to create an environmentally friendly business, with a focus on their carbon footprint.  Utilizing solutions with less intrusive properties, equipment that uses 1/3 the electricity and the elimination of gas boilers, the only waste in their closed system is the lint from the dryer!  Nothing goes into the atmosphere or down the drain at O'Ryan Cleaners   Re-useable laundry bags and free bag cleaning emphasize the green options they are implementing.

Don't be surprised when you walk into O'Ryan Cleaners and are met by Tiger, a Siberian Husky who loves the customers.  Matt and Joe have plenty of lint rollers on hand - and If you happen to forget your laundry for months at a time, don't worry, they keep everything for at least a year before donating to the Good Samaritan Mission.

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Read here to learn how they became plastic-free. Visit their website here

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Written by Membership Coordinator, Joni Moffett