Sarah Kjorstad of Crown & Brim, a multi-generational Wyoming woman shares her story for #humansofjhchamber

Sarah is a multi-generational woman born and raised in eastern Wyoming and the owner of Crown & Brim, a custom cowboy hat shop in town. Growing up on a ranch, Sarah cultivated strong values and a deep connection to the land, something that still sticks with her today. On the ranch growing up, Sarah understood the importance a well-made cowboy hat had on the rancher’s home to the area. Her Grandmother, a lady of style and grace, influenced a fierce passion for fashion and detail. A reflection of her true heritage, Sarah’s love for hat-making resulted from the exposure she had growing up, to values and experiences surrounding style, detail, and hard work.

Sarah’s love for the rugged Wyoming landscape and a sense of comradery for the mountains led her to settle in Jackson, where she recently opened a hat workshop on the town square. When asked where she learned to make hats, Sarah shared that hat making is a dying art, and it's hard to find someone to mentor you on the process. Luckily, she worked in a hat makers shop in Tennessee for a few weeks, where she learned the traditional aspects of cowboy hat making. Even harder than finding someone to teach you- finding working hat making equipment. “It’s definitely a labor of love,” Kjorstad concludes. The question “what is your favorite part of hat-making,” was a natural response for Sarah. “The finishing process-choosing the shape, band style, color, and other details. This is where the creative design process really comes into play and what sets my hats apart from others.”

Right now, Sarah’s hats are available for purchase in Terra on the square, online, or in her new studio on the square, where her hat-making can be seen in real-time. Visit:

This story is a part of #humansofjhchamber: Created by Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce summer intern Tanya Grover, the campaign places a focus on the faces of our local businesses and nonprofits. Learn about their inspirations, why they got started in their industry, and more! Find the Chamber on Instagram, @jhchamber. For information about the campaign, please contact Comunications Manager, Andi Gollwitzer at

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