When we met Shepard Humphries, the owner of Jackson Hole Shooting Experience, he broke every stereotype of a gun-enthusiast there is.

Yes, he had a career in law enforcement including detention, patrol division, detective division, SWAT entry team and Sniper Team…but he’s also a wedding officiant and one of the funniest, warmest people you’ll meet.

And his personality is reflected in their work. Shepard said, “what we really do is we bring people together we bring families together, coworkers, friends together and we do it through shooting guns.”

They are committed to providing the best shooting instruction and experiences available in the luxury entertainment shooting industry.

They teach serious personal protection and other serious classes but that’s less than probably 5% what they do. What they host mostly is the Multi-gun Rifle and Pistol Experience. It’s a three-hour session that is entirely personalized to you and your group. Some groups choose to shoot only 10 guns while other groups shoot over 20!

And like Shepard, it’s fun! He said that if their staff for some reason were to forget to bring the guns (has never happened), “they should be able to entertain you and give you the best experience for all three hours with just a hammer and a rope.”

There are families who return every single year as part of their vacation, even in the winter. They go skiing and then they go shoot. Or in the summer they’ll shoot and then go fishing. Kids around 8 or 9 have a great time also.

One of the Chamber interns was lucky enough to experience the Jackson Hole Shooting Experience for himself. After his warm welcome, filled with Shepard’s jokes and safety talk, he was shooting! With over 60 guns to choose from he had many options, lots of which he had never heard of. Shepard gave him many much-needed pointers and he was able to hit targets at a distance of 600 meters away. He gave each person personalized instruction and made the class work to people of all ability and comfort.

Shepard was extremely passionate about his business and loves passing his knowledge onto others. Anyone who likes shooting or wants to try it out should join Shepard at Jackson Hole Shooting Experience!

And we don’t want to give away too much, so we’ll just tell you that at the end you’ll get a personalized souvenir that’s perfectly “on target” with your experience.

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