Stephan is arguably the most interesting Chamber member in a long list of VERY interesting Chamber members.

In getting to know Stephan, you may be lucky enough to hear stories about some of the almost 120 influential community members he has interviewed on his podcast, The Jackson Hole Connection. Sneak peek: you will be lucky enough to hear about some of them here.

But first, a little about Stephan. Having grown up in a small town in Mississippi, he spent a lot of time working the cash register at his grandfather's hardware store. It was equal parts ringing the customers up and getting to know them day after day.

Fast forward to 1999 when Stephan moved to Jackson and began what would become his long-time career at The Liquor Store of Jackson Hole. Today Stephan owns The Liquor Store, as well as Jackson Hole Marketplace.

But perhaps his most fascinating endeavor: The Jackson Hole Connection, a podcast he started “to share stories of worldly, wildly interesting folks connected to Jackson Hole.” And that he has done!

Stephan has interviewed Director of Women in Wyoming, Lindsay Linton Buk; Actor, Director, Producer and Author, Andy Munz; Founder of Hole Food Rescue, Ali Milburn; Elected Official, Melissa Turley; Restauranter, Gavin Fine; Executive Director of the Jackson Hole Historical Society and Museum, Morgan Jaouen; Founder of Wyoming Stargazing, Dr. Samuel Singer; Executive Director of Jackson Hole Ski & Snowboard Club, Jeff Moran; and former Mayor, Business Consultant, and Mindfulness Champion, Sara Flitner.

My conversation with Stephan led us to two interviews in particular. Listen for yourself!

Joe Albright is a dude ranch operator, author, and a former foreign correspondent who was at the gates of Robben Island Prison in South Africa when Nelson Mandela was released.

Bert Romberg escaped the Holocaust and grew up in Germany and England until he made his way to Jackson Hole.

The Jackson Hole Connection podcast brings Stephan full circle. Growing up at his grandfather’s hardware store he was taught  to be a part of the community and to give back. Speaking of giving back to the community, this spring The Liquor Store will be launching The Vault of Jackson Hole which will offer wine storage and general indoor storage for businesses. Stephan, thank you for sharing the important, fascinating stories of the Jackson community.


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