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Pursue Movement Studio: #humansofjhchamber

Danielle Haigh, Owner of Pursue Movement Studio shares her story in this entry for #humansofjhchamber.

I came to Jackson about seven years ago, leaving behind a lot of fitness modalities in Denver that I enjoyed very much. There weren’t a lot of those opportunities here, specifically barre, which I love and missed. I tried to fit in with some studios that already existed but could just never find the right place. That inspired me to build this space. I knew that I wanted this to be my home and wanted to create a health and wellness community for myself that I could contribute to the Jackson community as well.

I come from more of a business background rather than a fitness background; we’re really just a business that happens to offer fitness modalities. The variety we offer under one roof gives people the opportunity to get a comprehensive experience every time they come, instead of jumping from facility to facility. I think we really contribute to the community as much as it contributes to us. This is a very supportive community when it comes to small businesses. We’re all in it together and we know that we have to support each other in order to keep going. What we offer is a community-based service. Pursue is almost a second home for a lot of people, because they feel like they can come here and be supported. We catch them where they are and try to lift them up.


This story is a part of #humansofjhchamber: As a part of her internship program with the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce, Tanya Grover is sharing her experiences working at the Chamber and interacting with Chamber members. Tanya’s Instagram campaign, #humansofjhchamber, places a focus on the faces of our local businesses and nonprofits. Learn about their inspirations, why they got started in their industry, and more! Find the Chamber on Instagram, @jhchamber. For information about the program, email Tanya at