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Revolution Indoor Cycling: Rock the Ride 2018

Rock the Ride takes place this year on Sunday March 11th, 2018 and has moved to the Dancer's Workshop inside the Center for the Arts for a larger event space to hold all the lively riders. Follow along to learn how Communications Manager Cecilie Davila built the courage to try something new and how you can too! FYI, no experience needed to join in on the fun and help the cause.

It was the middle of the work week. I was eating lunch and feeling very inspired to change things up and try something new. The night before, I had just spoken with my brother about all the amazing things, physically and mentally, he had been doing for his mind and body as of recent. He had moved to Colorado a year ago to pursue a food science masters degree and had managed to also become a strict vegan and an avid cycler. Meanwhile, I was sitting at my desk eating a heaping bowl of chili (with meat) and was feeling like I could do something more with myself. 

Last March, I had volunteered to work at this event called "Rock the Ride" where men and women, boys and girls, from all over town joined together and cycled for four hours to help raise awareness and money for cardiac and stroke patients. This high energy, indoor team cycling event was one of the liveliest events I had ever witnessed in my life. The music was booming, the instructors were extremely motivating, everyone was dancing, and it overall was just inspiring to see everyone smiling while sweating all over their fun costumes...I wanted to be a part of it. Flash forward to today, after hearing about all the cycling my brother was taking part in, I decided it would be the year for me to get out of my comfort zone and rock the ride. 

Cycling has always intimidated me. I spent 8 years in Chicago and had taken one Soul Cycle class and felt like the weird kid in the back, not knowing how to clip in, clip out, or move to the beat during the Beyonce Power Hour--it was all too much for me. I reached out to Julie Guttormson, the Owner of the studio, who happens to truly relate to the cause: "As a 31-year-old, healthy, young female, I suffered a stroke and was lucky enough to walk away healthy. Ten years later, I worked to create this local movement with the St. John's Hospital Foundation to bring awareness and help others. This indoor team cycling event you're going to participate in provides a tangible way to help local stroke and cardiac patients who are blindsided by the cost of their experience and potential recovery. We are now on our third one and have raised over $50k." After hearing this, I asked myself why would anyone not want to participate?!

Julie mentioned to me that there is no training or preparation necessary before this event besides the part where you come up with your team costumes. Period. This was a HUGE relief to me, so I called up a few friends, got my team of four together (the cycle-paths), and started raising money for the cause. Nonetheless, I still wanted to give cycling a go before the big day, so Operations Manager Riley Frances and myself signed up for a week to try it out. Each day, during lunch or after work, RF and I would head to the studio to get our sweat on and boy did we ever. A different instructor each day offered us different experiences: lots of hills, sweaty intervals, hilarious 80's music rides, and even some water rowing to mix things up. It was a wonderful space, an addicting experience, and was apparent to us why indoor cycling and a fundraising event was the best pairing possible!

Rock the Ride 2018

JOIN US For an incredible morning of indoor cycling, entertainment, and plenty of fun to support St. John's Hospital Foundation!

WHAT A maximum of 20 teams of up to 4 people each will ride for a total of four hours. Teams can divide up the riding time among their team members however they choose. Each team has one bike.

WHERE Rock the Ride will take place at Dancer's Workshop inside the Center for the Arts in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  Dancer's Workshop is located at 240 S Glenwood St # 2nd Floor, Jackson, WY 83001

WHEN On Sunday, March 11th, arrive between 8:15 and 8:45am to check-in, sign rider waivers, and warm-up. The ride starts at 9:00am and lasts until 1:00pm.

WHO Riders of all abilities are encouraged to participate. Everyone who joins us is helping to make a difference!


Riley Frances and I look forward to the event and encourage all of you to donate or participate!

Learn more here to register for the event this Sunday and start fundraising. Each team needs a minimum of $500 raised to participate, so start sharing and encourage everyong to donate or participate! 

Can't make it to the event? Stay tuned on our Instagram the day of the event to check out the space, the teams, the costumes, and all the fun. 

This piece was written by Communications Manager Cecilie Davila. You can reach her at or 307.201.2304.