Rotary Lunch Club & Chamber of Commerce Team Up to Host Election Forums

The Jackson Hole Rotary Lunch Club and Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce will jointly host elections forums for members and their guests again this year.

Full Schedule 
Location: Lodge at Jackson Hole Conference Center 

Primary Election 
July 19, noon - 1:15 pm: Secretary of State and Public Instruction (Purchase Tickets Here)
July 26, noon - 1:15 pm: Town Council (Purchase Tickets Here)

General Election 
September 20, noon - 1:15 pm: Senate District 17, House Districts 16, 22, and 23 (Purchase Tickets Here)
September 27, noon - 1:15 pm: Teton County Commissioners (Purchase Tickets Here)
October 4, noon - 1:15 pm: SPET Round 1 (Purchase Tickets Here
October 6, 8 - 9:00 am: SPET Round 2 and Constitutional Amendment A  (Business Over Breakfast) (Purchase Tickets Here)
October 11, noon - 1:15 pm: Jackson Town Council (Purchase Tickets Here)

These election forums are open to all Rotary members & Chamber members for $25. Lunch included.
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This effort continues a legacy of providing opportunities to educate their members and guests on who is running for office and ballot issues. Rotary and The Chamber's members are engaged citizens, small business owners, nonprofit directors and community leaders committed to Jackson Hole's well-being. From housing and transportation to healthcare and education, our members know our leaders' impacts on our valley and state.

"We are honored to co-host these meetings with our friends at Rotary and are excited to bring these back to in-person events this year," says JH Chamber of Commerce CEO Anna Olson. "Our members are engaged, and we strive to create campaign season events that will inform their vote and provide hopeful candidates with insights from voters too."

"Being informed on issues and candidates is essential to voting, and we are thrilled to continue our partnership with the JH Chamber of Commerce," says JH Rotary Lunch Club President Jessica Jaubert. "We hope to provide folks with opportunities to meet candidates, ask questions and engage in this important process – having your voice heard through your vote."

This year Election forums will take place over a series of seven meetings and will cost $25 per entry. The first two meetings will cover primary election candidates in July. The first of these will take place July 19th and will cover candidates for Secretary of State and Superintendent of Public Instruction. The second will take place on July 26th, covering those running for Town Council. 

The second set of meetings will cover the general election and take place in the fall. The first and second of these meetings will take place on September 20th and 27th. They will cover Senate District 17, House Districts 16, 22, and 23, and Teton County Commissioners. The third and fourth meetings will cover SPET round one and two, and Constitutional Amendment A and will take place on October 4th and 6th. The final meeting will focus on the Jackson Town Council and will occur on October 11th. All meetings will be hosted at the Lodge at Jackson Hole Conference Center.      

2022 Election Candidate Information

Secretary of State
• Chuck Gray (Republican) 
• Mark Armstrong (Republican)
• Tara Nethercott (Republican)

Superintendent of Public Instruction
• Brian Schroeder (Republican)
• Jennifer Zerba (Republican)
• Megan Degenfelder (Republican)
• Robert White III (Republican)
• Thomas Kelly (Republican)
• Sergio A Maldonado (Democratic)

State Senator District 17
• Mike Gierau (Democratic)
• Steve Duerr (Republican)

State Representative District 16
• Mike Yin (Democratic)
• Jim McCollum (Republican)

State Representative District 22
• Andrew Byron (Republican)

State Representative District 23
• Paul Vogelheim (Republican)
• Liz Storer (Democratic)
• Ryan Sedgeley (Democratic)

County Commissioner
• Luther Propst (Democratic)
• Mark Newcomb (Democratic)
• Alex Muromcew (Republican)
• Peter Long (Republican)
• Kasey Mateosky (Republican)
• Tom Segerstrom (Republican)

Town Council (Non-Partisan Race)
• Devon Viehman
• Arne Olaus Jorgensen
• Elliott R. Alston
• Joel Smith
• Jonathan Schechter
• David Scheurn
• Katherine "Kat" Rueckert

For further information on State Candidates click here. 

For further information on Local Candidates click here.