Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce

Teton Food Tour-An Event For All!

Director of Membership, Elisabeth Rohrbach, Instagram-covered the annual biking event "Teton Food Tour", a pedal powered event from R-Park to Teton Village celebrating local food and pathways. Participants got to experience wide and ample tastes from Chippy’s Kitchen & Catering and Snake River Brewing, The Slow Food Kids Cooking Class, Slow Food Farm Stand, Aspen’s Market, Sweet Cheeks Meats, Bodega with Fine Dining Restaurant Group, Roadhouse Brewing Ascent Kombucha.

It was a gorgeous Sunday in the Valley and there was a lot going on! 

With the Fair, Figure 8 Races, and National park outings, one event that truly stood out was the Teton Food Tour. Just being a part of this event, you could see that all participants were emitting happiness and enthusiasm in the air--everyone was truly happy to be there. Teton Food Tour is an annual event that allows all ages to hop on a bike (E-bikes were a hit this year, carrying many children on the back!) starting at Rendezvous Park, and then making stops along the way to Teton Village that have food, drinks, and music. Many delicious local vendors offered up samples of some great dishes, like a favorite at the first stop which was a peaches and cream treat. One could overhear attendees saying "Why haven't we been to the Slow Food stand yet?!?"--seriously guys, why haven't you?!

In Elisabeth's opinion, the big highlight for her was the Slow Food children's cooking class that had their own station and were serving food they made themselves. It was amazing to see such young spirits get excited just talking about what the food was and how they made it.


Make sure to check out Slow Foods in the Tetons on their WEB and SOCIAL for updates on events, collaborations, and what's available at their weekly stands. 

Special thanks to  Slow Foods in the Tetons, Friends of Pathways, and all the local vendors who participated in this event and made it the amazing day that it was!