Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce

Winter Windfall, a local shopping incentive with opportunities to win big!

The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce & 26 Town Square Businesses announce the second year of "Winter Windfall" November 29th through December 18th.

The local shopping program was developed to help increase local shopping and awareness of the importance of investing your shopping dollars in your hometown. Small Business Saturday was the catalyst for the extended program, considering small businesses are the backbone and lifeblood of our community. Last year the program racked in over 1.2 million dollars in local spending. Anytime there are events, fundraisers, or school programs to help people or organizations within our community, you see local businesses sponsor, donate money, gift certificates, staff time, and energy to support this community.

With all the platforms that have been created to shop without most times even leaving your home, this program is designed to give locals incentives to buy local and rediscover what a fantastic shopping experience we have right here at home.

J.C. Jewelers Jackson Hole has participated in Winter Windfall both last and this year and will continue to participate in the coming years. Jan Case of J.C. Jewelers expressed that participating in Winter Windfall was fun, professional, and a complete breeze! When asked how the business benefitted personally, Jan said, "Windfall was a blast. The customers enjoyed it; they experienced more foot traffic and made many new customer relationships because of the program."

Leslie Kraft of Accentuate had similar things to say about the program. When asked what her biggest takeaway was? Leslie shared, “Last year they saw many locals excited to take advantage of the program and in turn made better business and personal connections with local customers. It also was just a creative way to get more people through the door.”

The program, without a doubt, provides value to business owners and incentives for local shoppers to reinvest money into their community. It’s a win-win. Just by visiting stores, you can get one complimentary ticket a day, a purchase gains you a ticket, and every additional 100 dollars spent gets you another ticket.


By spending local this season and you could win 2000 thousand, 1000 thousand or 500 dollars on December 20th in shopping, just in time for Christmas and the Holidays. Plus, you also get the benefit of investing in your hometown as nearly 78 percent of every    dollar spent locally, stays local.

This year has 26 participating businesses including: Yippy I-O Candy, MADE, Mountain Dandy, Nest, J.C. Jewelers, Jackson Hole Resort Store, Accentuate, Teton Toys, Wyoming Outfitters, Häagen Dazs, Jackson Hole Jewelry Co. Lucky you GiftsNew West Knife Works, Anja Spa, Penny Lane Cooperative, Spirits and Spice, Jackson Hole toy Store, Hines Goldsmiths Jewelers, Beaver Creek Hats & Leather, Onyx & Antler, Hide out Leathers, Native JH, Teton Mountaineering, A Touch of Class, Crazy Horse    Indian Jewelry, Workshop- Susan Fleming Jewelry.

The kickoff to the program will be November 29th at the Town Square Lighting event, where 500 Windfall tickets will be given out for free, no purchase necessary! Find the Chamber booth during the event on the square where hot chocolate and cookies will also be given out.



Winter Windfall 2019 Contest Rules:

  • To participate in and receive benefit from the “Winter Windfall” shopping initiative, businesses must be members of the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce.
  • Chamber of Commerce staff are not eligible for “Winter Windfall” prizes.
  • You must be 18 years of age to participate and collect any of the “Winter Windfall” prizes. Prizes are non-transferrable and are issued in store shopping credits only. No cash will be issued for the prizes. Individuals will be responsible for any purchase amounts over the prizes awarded (businesses not participating in “Winter Windfall” are not eligible for shopping credits to be used).
  • Employees of participating businesses are not eligible to enter for their business of employment. They are eligible for any other participating businesses of the program.
  • There is a maximum of one complimentary raffle ticket per person per day at participating businesses. A customer who makes any purchase shall receive (1) additional raffle ticket and shall receive additional raffle tickets (1) per $100 increments spent at any participating business.
  • Contest winners of the (3) prizes drawn will have the choice to spend their Holiday winnings at up to (3) of the stores participating in the “Winter Windfall Program”. One of the (3) stores selected one must be the store where the raffle ticket was purchased or provided and a minimum of 1/3rd of the prize will be redeemed at that location.
  • Prizes winners will be drawn and winners of all prizes will be notified on December 20th, 2019.
  • Prize monies must be redeemed by April 30th, 2020.



For more information, contact Rick Howe at the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce, or email