Wyoming Could Make Blockchain History

Introducing Tiemae Roquerre, a new Chamber Member who is passionate about educating Jackson residents about the latest Blockchain innovation. There is an exciting possibility of Wyoming being a nationwide leader by passing proposed bills that will create regulation around cryptocurrencies. Tomorrow, Thursday March 1st, see what our State legislators decide and what this could mean for the future of Wyoming!

Wyoming is poised to become a leader in blockchain innovation as State legislators prepare to vote this week on five proposed blockchain bills. These bills are a part of the growing bipartisan movement of US lawmakers seeking to create regulation around cryptocurrencies.  If passed, these bills will facilitate investment in blockchain and cryptocurrencies in Wyoming, and potentially create a hub for blockchain startups.

 Passionate thought leaders from the Wyoming Blockchain Coalition and Digital Asset Trade Association (DATA) have been working tirelessly alongside senators Driskill, Nethercott, and Rothfuss, along with representatives Lindholm, Miller, and Olsen (among many others) to support these legislative efforts. In the words of Representative Lindholm, “We’re the first legislative body in the world to define that there’s a difference between a utility ICO and a security ICO, and that’s got a lot of blockchain folks excited…it is a new asset class, and we’re going to recognize that in the state of Wyoming.”

 The bills create an incredible opportunity to jumpstart tech-focused economic development in the State and enhance the business environment for start-ups. Blockchain technology is gaining increasing momentum and relevancy, with many use-cases in development beyond just Bitcoin’s application. Currently, blockchain technology is being used to tackle ideas around digital identity, supply chains, fintech and governance, with many more use-cases in the works.

Wyoming has the potential to stake a claim as an early hub for the technology. The State’s business friendly tax system, low startup costs, cheap available energy and progressive approach to technologies make it the perfect environment to attract new blockchain companies and start-ups. Imagine all of the opportunities that are possible as the State creates an enhanced technology environment that could spur growth across the many different sectors!

Come join the community in Cheyenne this Thursday to watch Blockchain history be made! We welcome all to celebrate all the legislators and activists who have supported these groundbreaking bills!

Written by Tiemae H. Roquerre