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Advocacy & Education

We advocate for our members. We attend every Town Council, County Commissioner, and JIM meeting on your behalf. We work towards solutions on a local, state, regional, and national level.

We are a reliable information source and a central hub for all community partners who are working on business-related related issues. 

The following are actions the Chamber of Commerce is taking on your behalf as well as member initiatives you shouldn't miss:


Town & County Receive 18 Special Purpose Excise Tax (SPET) Applications

The Chamber has spoken in favor of the applications that address critical workforce housing. Our elected officials face a difficult process to prioritize the many merit worthy applications. We look forward to working together as a community to assist them. More info here.

Chamber Submits Letter in Support of Rezoning Legacy Lodge

Doing so will enable it to be used for critical workforce rental housing in a timely and affordable fashion, paid for entirely by the owner. Read letter here.

Housing Supply Board outlines suggested approach for SPET housing amounts

The letter states that they will work with the Chamber to educate the community on affordable housing successes to date and the tools we need to address all housing categories. Read letter here.

Chamber Submits Letter in Support of Workforce Rental Restriction Program

The Teton County Affordable Housing Department's proposal is a worthwhile tool for some businesses because even high earners are shut out of the free market. Securing any incremental workforce inventory for the long term is critical at this junction. Read letter here.

66th Wyoming State Legislation Session

The Wyoming State Legislature meets for the 2022 Legislative Session February 14 - March 11.

See what bills The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce is watching and/or advocating for here.
See all bills here.
Watch live here.

Workforce Development Training Fund

WDTF connects employers with professional development opportunities to increase employee skill attainment. Grant Options include:

  • Business Training Grants
  • Pre-Hire Economic Development Grants
  • Pre-Obligation Grants
  • Internship Grants and Apprenticeship Grants

Preferred industries receive higher grants.

Teton County Behavioral Health Needs Assesment Final Report

View the final report of the Teton County Behavioral Health Needs Assessment. Completed Nov 2021, The Chamber was part of the Steering Committee that designed and championed this work, and we will be working on programming to support employers and employees going forward.
If you are interested in advancing this work, please complete this google form.

Jackson Hole Special Session Comment

Read the Chamber's comments on the bills being considered in Wyoming's current Special Session.

Chamber Releases Business Housing Roundtable Survey 2.0 Findings

In May 2021 the Chamber performed a survey – with input from the Teton County Housing Department - to shed light on how our members’ staffing challenges might affect our community this summer. Of the ~250 members who participated, ~100 agreed to become further involved by creating the Business Housing Roundtable. 77 of the ~100 completed Survey 2.0 in which they revealed what they have, what they want, and what they’re willing to do. You're welcome to read the press release and the raw survey data.

Teton County Community Mental Wellbeing Survey 

Do you live or work in Teton County? Are you 18 or older? If yes, your perspectives will help improve community wellbeing as we emerge from COVID-19. Please share your experiences and complete this quick surveyClick here for info in Spanish.

Chamber Member eMeet & Greets

Join us for networking, COVID style! Join a few of our staff and ~4-5 Chamber members for an informal hour. Each member will introduce themselves and share about their business. They are the 1st & 3rd Wednesdays of the month at 3pm and at 10am the 2nd & 3rd Wednesdays of the month. For more information and/or to RSVP email

Snow King Summit Chairs Community Partnership

A consortium made up of JH Public Art, Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce, Town of Jackson and Snow King Mountain are excited to announce they will be submitting a community enhancement grant request to the Wyoming Business Council to fund a public art installation using old chairs from the Snow King Summit Chair lift in various locations from the town gateway to the Snow King summit along Cache Street. The brightly colored chairs will incorporate visual connectivity representing the economic connection between Downtown Jackson and Snow King. Click here for more. Limited Business Sponsorships are available email Click to view the Sponsorship Pledge Form. Follow along with the project and learn how to participate by visiting

Community Mental Health Resources

The Community Prevention Coalition of Teton County has put together this easy-to-use flyer detailing mental health and counseling resources in Jackson and how to access them in English and Spanish. 

Downtown Pedestrian Project Workshop

Continued July 19 starting at 3pm (TBC) Town Council Chambers. Learn more here.

Jackson Hole Chamber and Valley Partners Implement Summer Market Research

The Chamber, with funding by the Jackson Hole Travel and Tourism Board (JHTTB) Lodging Tax collections, will conduct summer market research on visitor behavior, experiences, and demographics. This market research has been commissioned to gather information that can help inform decision making around tourism management and be available to businesses to understand the broader picture of visitor experience in Jackson Hole. Read more here..

Chamber Supports the Hospitality and Commerce Job Recovery Act

We support the Hospitality and Commerce Job Recovery Act (S.477 / HR.1346). The bill would 

  • Create a temporary business tax credit to encourage businesses and nonprofit organizations to begin planning and contracting for large-scale conventions, conferences, and trade shows. 
  • Create an individual tax credit to encourage leisure travel by low- and middle-income Americans, who are respectively 43% to 24% less likely to spend money on activities like travel than high-income Americans.
  • Provide tax relief for restaurants and food and beverage companies to help restore food service jobs and strengthen America’s food supply chain.

Join us in our efforts to let your member of Congress know our industry needs swift action; click here.

Chamber Releases Housing Survey Results

One of the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce’s key objectives within our strategic plan is to “represent and engage our membership and the community on economic matters that impact them.” Central to representing our membership is that we understand and address the challenges they face. Read the full summary here.

State Chamber Federation Report & Updates - April 6, 2021

View the Federation Legislative Briefing Report from the past session or the Update and Summary from Chamber VP Rick Howe

Register for our April BOB on April 15th, 2021 from 8-9 am. Hear from our local legislators upon their return from the wrap-up of the 2021 General Session of the Wyoming State Legislation for an overview and detailed update on bills that could directly impact Teton County and local businesses.

Jackson Hole Airport Closure: April 11- June 27, 2022

The Jackson Hole Airport will go under a temporary closure for development from April 11-June 27, 2022. Construction will include resurfacing the runway to meet standards. The closure will allow the opportunity to complete several other large projects, including expanding the TSA Checkpoint, restaurant area, and waiting area behind the security screening checkpoint. More information on travel alternatives for clients and visitors to come. 

How to Respond When an Employee Discloses a Mental Health Condition

When an employee discloses that they have a mental health condition, it can be hard to know how to handle the conversation— especially if this is the first time you’ve faced this situation. Navigate the conversation carefully. Don’t make a big deal about the disclosure — it’s important to normalize the discussion. Follow the person’s lead in terms of what they want to share and don’t ask a ton of questions or push them to give you more information. You don’t have to have all the answers right away so tell the employee that you’ll reflect on what they told you and get back them. Read more here.

Teton and Park County Vaccination Supply

On behalf of the business communities in Teton County, Chamber has requested additional vaccination resources for Teton and Park County. Please click here.

Bipartisan Legislation Coalition Letter

JH Chamber signed onto coalition sign-on letter to enact comprehensive, bipartisan legislation before July 4, 2021 that will: 

1) Repair and update our crumbling infrastructure; 2) Stimulate our economy and create middle-class sustaining jobs; 3) Address climate change; 4) Promote fiscally and environmentally responsible policies; 5) Improve federal project approvals, and; 6) Address the digital divide. 

This letter was drafted and circulated by the US Chamber of Commerce and the Bipartisan Policy Center

Weekly Legislative Session Reports

Each week the state holds legislative sessions discussing new bills. With new legislators taking seats in January, Committee assignments have changed and the bills are required to undergo official consideration in this session before they can advance. A review of each recently reviewed bill can be found here

Red House Apartment Development Advocacy

The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce supports the development of the Red House Apartments in Jackson and Kelly. Read the letter to the Teton County Commission and Chairwoman Macker.  For more detailed information on the Red House Apartments, click HERE.

Downtown Pedestrian Project 

Chamber Town Square Businesses meet with Town Staff to review Sidewalk Flex Space proposal for Center Street. If you are interested in this topic and want to see map proposal, please watch the meeting HERE. To see Chamber follow up comments based on meeting dialogue see HERE. Comments should be addressed to Johnny Ziem before Town Workshop on this topic Mid February. Johnny Ziem,, Town Council,

New Visitor Testing Program Made Available

On the eve of the busy festive season in Jackson Hole, various organizations have come together to create a new Visitor COVID 19 Test program in response to some travel restrictions that require negative tests to return home from travel and mitigate quarantine requirements. Based on the highly successful and free vault test for Wyoming residents and employees, the program will supply tests through January 31, 2021 for visitors to the area. Click HERE to read more. Testing will be conducted through VAULT.

Historic Preservation & Downtown Rezone Design Guidelines

The Chamber agrees with the suggestions to maintain the western character and heritage of our downtown business district. Read THIS LETTER to the Mayor and Town Council explaining the changes and possible concerns the Chamber is advocating for.

Housing Mitigation Update

The Chamber agrees with the staff recommendation of a uniform percentage reduction, by the suggested amount in Option 1: 75% and believe this is the time for a significant and simple to implement reduction in the non-residential rates. Read the letter on the Housing Mitigation Rate Adjustment to Chairwoman Macker, Mayor Muldoon, Board of County Commission and Town Council. 

Transportation Update

See the letter to from the Collaborative Group to Chairwoman Macker, Mayor Muldoon, County Commissioners and Town Councilors.

DownTown Rezone & Historic Preservation register and New Design Guidelines 

DownTown Rezone, Historic Preservation register and resulting new design guidelines (3 different, but connected topics). TOJ has created an overview site HERE which includes video slide shows on the topics. If you are potentially effected by these changes or interested in the outcomes we recommend you watch all 4 videos in order to get a complete overview before commenting. The Chamber is generally in support but has asked for member input.

NPS Concessioner Support

The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce has submitted the attached letter in response to the NPS Proposed Rule to Improve Visitor Experiences through Concessioner Services. View the letter here.

Chamber Housing Mitigation Suggestion

Read the letter to Town Council and Board of County Commissioners here.

Annual International Economic Forum

This session takes a global perspective on the local economy, view the full session here.

Chamber advocates for employee housing for Lower Valley Energy

Read the letter to Teton County Commissioners here.

Chamber Candidate Forums

View the Candidate Forum for those running for County Commissioner and Mayor including a live Q&A here

View the Candidate Forum with those running for Town Council and State Offices including a live Q&A here.

Housing Mitagation Rate Suggestions 

The Chamber suggests lowering housing mitigation rates to pre-2018 changes. Read the letter here.  

Workforce Housing Solutions Needs Path to Successful Outcome

Read the letter to Planning and County Commissioners here.

Rusty Parrot Plans

The Chamber is in support of the Rusty Parrots plans. See advocacy letter here, and Rusty Parrot SD Renderings here.

Employee Housing for Lower Valley Energy.

Chamber advocates for this in a letter to the County Commissioners, read here.

7/28 Allowing CUP for cancelled events in 2020 to be allowed in 2021.

The Chamber is in support of this idea. See letter to Board of County Commissioners.

7/28 Temporary Food Truck Idea

The Chamber is not in support of this idea. See letter to the Town Council.

July BOB - Town and County Budget

The full recording of The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce's July Business Over Breakfast. Town and County staff and officials overview their recently adopted 2020-2021 budgets.


Chamber of Commerce COVID Survey #2 Gives Business Insights

176 of Teton County CEOs and Directors completed a survey on COVID-19 and the current state of their business. The purpose of the survey, distributed during the week of June 22nd, was to get a snapshot of the state of business and the community progress seen through the stabilized, orange phase. Questions were posed relating to financials, staffing, safety, operations and concerns. View the full press release here.

Rec Center Contract Chamber Advocacy- May 29, 2020

Chamber Requests Joint Information Group keep Rec Center Contracts in Teton County. Read the letter here.

Wyoming Tourism Funding Bill Passes- HB134

The Chamber of Commerce and members of the Jackson community have been busy in Cheyenne following HB134. The bill creates a funding mechanism to remove the Wyoming Office of Tourism (WOT) from the State's general fund, giving them a more permanent source of funding. The bill creates a 5% lodging tax on overnight stays, 3% of which goes directly to the WOT while the remaining 2% stays with local Towns & Counties. The bill passed through the Senate on the 3rd reading on Friday, February 28th and was send to the Governor from to house to sign on Monday, May 2nd. For status updates on HB0134 or to read the bill visit here.

Bills that have died- as of February 24, 2020

Click here for a full PDF list. 

Bills that have died- as of February 18, 2020

Click here for a full PDF list with links and additional information. 

Snow King Mountain Resort

Chamber Advocates for Town Council to approve the Snow King Base Area Master Plan Amendment

  • The Teton County Comprehensive Plan calls for Snow King Mountain and Snow King Avenue to be a center of economic development and commercial activity within the Town of Jackson. Second, to the Town Square, Snow King will be an excellent asset for Jackson, providing opportunities for visitors and locals to stay and play downtown. This plan will help to cut down traffic from town to the village in summer and winter.
  • Small ski resorts like Snow King Mountain are disappearing throughout the country or operating in a very minimal capacity. Just this winter season, Sleeping Giant, WY is ceasing winter operations. We do not want to see this at Snow King Mountain – the programs that operate on this hill are too crucial to hundreds of kids and families in our community. (JHSSC – over 500 athletes, Coombs Outdoors – 250 low-income children) 

  • Investing in the future is a community benefit. Modernizing and updating Snow King Mountain will ensure that this local hill thrives and continues to be the heartbeat of our community for the next 80 years. Replacing aging infrastructure is required for the ski area to continue operating in the future.

Chamber Supports Transportation Recommendations

View Transportation Expert, Jim Charlier’s recommendations for County wide planning here. Summary of immediate actions can be found on p. 38. 

Chamber Supports Improving Transportation Quality

View WYDOT's response letter here.

Support Letter for Jackson Hole Paragliding

View the letter from the Chamber here

The Chamber will work with the Transportation Coalition Group Meeting and Transit Sub Group Meeting with WYDOT.

View the Transportation Plan here.

View the Chamber Letter to WYDOT Engineer Keith Compton from November 19th here

See the ITP Technical Update Report

Watch out for updates on these. 

Advocacy and Membership Update about Commercial Development Mitigation Rules

 View the letter on this issue from 10/23 here

Chamber Collaborates for Action with Integrated Transportation Plan (ITP)

View the letter sent to the Mayor, Town and Country Commissioners here.

Chamber Supports Housing Amendment from Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis

View the letter sent to Planning Commission Teton Town and County Commissioners here

Chamber Releases 2018 - 2019 Annual Report

The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce is delighted to share our efforts and accomplishment with you through our 2018 - 2019 Annual Report. Of significant focus are the results from the annual Membership Survey that outline the most valuable benefits offered by the Chamber, insight as to why members join the Chamber and feedback on challenging ares where the Chamber can help. Included also are the financials of the Chamber within the last year, objectives and achievements created during the annual board and staff retreats, respectively, economic indicators collected over the past year and more.

2018 - 2019 Annual Report

Downtown Parking & Mobility Management Plan

Attend the workshop offered on July 15 at 3:00 PM to learn more and ask questions on the plan updates, and attend the meeting later in the day that will take place at 6:00 PM for final consideration. Both sessions will be held at the Town Chambers located at the Town Hall on 150 E Pearl Ave.
Public comment will be taken at both times. See attachments below on the final documents for review and comment. 

2019 Downtown Parking & Mobility Management Plan 

Resolution Adopting the Town of Jackson Downtown Parking and Mobility Management Plan

Town of Jackson-What's Happening Downtown Update

The Town Planners met with downtown business owners to review upcoming priorities for Town Council including District 1 and Historic Preservation rules. The Powerpoint below covers the topics that were reviewed.
View Powerpoint here.
If you have any specific questions, please contact the town planners here. 

Chamber Advocates for King Street Affordable Rental Housing Construction to WCDA

To achieve increased and successful workforce housing solutions the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce supports the funding request to WCDA by the Jackson/Teton County Housing Department for Low Income Housing Tax Credits, Home Funds and National Housing Trust Funds for the 174 North King Street Housing Project in Jackson, WY.

View Full Letter Sent to WCDA Board Members here.

Chamber Supports 90 Unit Workforce Housing Application


On behalf of the Chamber, we would like to add our support to the Sagebrush Apartments applicant to get this project across the finish line, so they can start construction this summer and build 90 rental housing units for local workers.

View Full Letter Sent to the Town Council by President and CEO Anna Olson Here

The 2019 Downtown Parking & Mobility Management Plan Executive Summary

The Town of Jackson recognizes the role of parking in promoting access and mobility in its community. This “Phase II” study which focuses on developing a downtown parking management plan, follows a study completed in 2017 (“Phase I Study”) that focused on the areas outside of Downtown Jackson (specifically Character Districts 3, 4, 5, and 6), examining parking dynamics and strategies related to residential, non-downtown commercial, and park-and-ride parking.

View Full Plan Here

Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce Achieves BEST Certification

Jackson, Wyoming: April 8, 2019 – The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce became the next organization in Jackson Hole to reach the Business Emerald Sustainability Tier (BEST) level of sustainability performance.  The standards in the BEST program are comparable to the world's most rigorous and comprehensive environmental, community, and economic sustainability criteria.  The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce joins a growing group of businesses including the Elk Refuge Inn, Flat Creek Ranch and Jackson Lake Lodge to achieve third-party sustainability certification by the Riverwind Foundation, the originator of the BEST program.  The BEST program was created to provide an opportunity and platform for those Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (RRR) Business Leaders that want to elevate their sustainability practices to higher levels of environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic vitality.

Read Full Release Here

Jackson Downtown Parking and Mobility Management Plan Draft 

Consultants Kimley Horn will be presenting the Draft Management Plan to the public on Tuesday, April 9 at the Wort Hotel from 6:00 pm -8:00 pm, questions and comments will be taken. The following day a special Town Council meeting/workshop will be held from 10 am - 12:00 pm on Wednesday, April 10 at the Council Chambers (no public comment). The Chamber Downtown Vision Committee, a group of members that represent downtown businesses, will meet with the consultants earlier on the 9th. 

View Draft Management Plan Here

2019 Chamber Membership Survey Results

Thank you for completing our annual Membership Survey. Take a peek at this 2 page summary of your feedback and our response. Our board and staff will use it guide us as we work to champion the interests of local businesses, enhance their prosperity, and strengthen Teton County’s economic climate. Read Here

Plastic Bag Ordinance: Letter to Business Business Owners 

On January 7, 2019, the Jackson Town Council approved an ordinance establishing disposable bag requirements. While the ordinance’s focus is on plastic bags, the intent is not to have shoppers switch to paper bags, but to encourage and make it easier for shoppers to switch to reusable bags. The Town of Jackson is committed to a 60% waste diversion goal, preserving Jackson’s unique environmental resources, and promoting practices that are sustainable to our natural environment.

Effective on April 15, 2019, no grocer or large retailer (19,000 ft² or greater) within the Town of Jackson shall provide single-use disposable plastic bags (less than 4 mil thick) to a customer at the point of sale. Grocers and large retailers shall collect a twenty cent ($.20) waste reduction fee for each disposable paper bag or reusable plastic bag (4 mil or greater) provided to a customer at the point of sale.

Effective on November 1, 2019, no retailer or retail store within the Town of Jackson shall provide single-use disposable plastic bags (less than 4 mil thick) to a customer at the point of sale. All retailers and retail stores shall collect a twenty cent ($.20) waste reduction fee for each disposable paper bag or reusable plastic bag (4 mil or greater) provided to a customer at the point of sale.

Read Full Letter Here

What Can the Chamber Do for You?

The Chamber of Commerce works to champion the interests of local businesses, enhance their prosperity, and strengthen Teton County’s economic climate. In order to do so, every year we ask our ~900 members to complete a survey that will guide us to better support them. Please complete 2019's ~10-minute survey HERE. In doing so, you will be entered to win a Staycation for Jackson Hole Mountain Resort’s closing weekend happening Friday, April 5th – Sunday, April 7th! One lucky Chamber member will receive two full-day lift tickets at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, a two-night stay at the SpringHill Suites Marriott, and dinner for two (excluding alcohol and gratuity) to Bar Enoteca!

Wyoming State Chamber of Commerce WSCC Weekly Report

This week marked the halfway point of the2019 legislative session, with “crossover” taking place Wednesday. All bills that were not pass out of their house of origin died. Of the 499 House Bills, Senate Files and Joint Resolutions filed this session, 269 remain active. 

View House Bills Here

Economic Contributions of Immigrants to Teton County, WY

Learn more about the economic impact immigrants have on our community here--a report done by the University of Wyoming. 

Legislative Update 

The 2019 general session is over half way through and is scheduled to run to Wed Feb 27. The final count for bills and resolutions is 499. Please read today’s update from Wyoming Lodging and Restaurant Association (WLRA). They are following multiple bills that effect business in Jackson. 

View Bills Here

Refuge Operations Resume After Lapse in Appropriations 

With the enactment of a continuing resolution providing federal funding, the staff at the National Elk Refuge will resume regular operations this week, including reopening facilities, processing applications for film requests and other special use permits, and offering educational programming.

Staff will reopen the Jackson Hole & Greater Yellowstone Visitor Center on Wednesday, January 30. 

Read full release here

This release has been provided by Lori Iverson, 
Outreach & Visitor Services
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service 
National Elk Refuge

Update on Statewide Lodging Tax 

The statewide lodging tax bill passed the House on a 44-16 vote on 1/17/19. This bill has been drafted to ensure long term funding for the Wyoming Office of Tourism, a proven economic driver for the entire state.  The bill collects 5% from lodging overnight stays and would split this 3% to Wyoming Office of Tourism and 2% to local counties (similar to current local lodging tax in Teton County). The 3% funds will be split 80% to a tourism account for the Wyoming Office of Tourism and 20% to a tourism reserve account (to build to 50% of tourism account number based on 5-year average) with the tipping point (after reserve fills) going to education. Based on feedback from Teton County constituents and the Chamber of Commerce during the November local elections, Rep Schwartz (HD 23) filed an amendment to include staging of events, educational materials and enhancing visitor experience in the wording of how funding can be used locally, which also passed. The Amendment wording can be seen here.  The bill will now move onto the Senate.

Update on Bills from the Wyoming State Chamber

Rick Howe, VP Chamber of Commerce Jackson Hole is the current Chairman of the Legislative Committee for the Wyoming State Chamber of Commerce. We are closely monitoring all the bills mentioned here and actively working on the support or oppose positions. We will update this weekly or more as the bills progress. Please contact us if you have any specific questions or your elected officials. 

Wyoming State Chamber of Commerce 2019 Legislation Tracking Sheet here

Guiding Principles for the Wyoming State Chamber of Commerce Legislative Committee 2019 here

Community Comes Together During Government Shutdown: Here Are the Resources Available to Those Affected by the Shutdown

This is no vacation for our community members who are a part of our Federal Government Workforce. If your business or organization in our community is offering support to the federal workforce in Teton County who are experiencing the stress of going without pay during the government shutdown, please email the Chamber so we may gather the information and make it an available resource for those affected. Examples of these immediate resources would include: discounts, food,  lower or no-interest loans, services and more. Contact us here.

View the resources we have gathered thus far 

Wyoming Lodging and Restaurant Association & Wyoming Travel Industry Coalition 2019 Priorities 

Here are the Wyoming Lodging and Restaurant Association (WLRA) and Wyoming Travel Industry Coalition (WTIC) priorities and advocacy papers created for the 2019 Legislative Session. Updates on these bills will be posted by the Chamber as they occur. We are speaking regularly with our Teton County delegation on the contents of these bills.  

WLRA + WTIC Legislative Priorities 2019

Support Wyoming Businesses. Support Jobs. Support Tourism.

Jackson Hole Bans Plastic Bags

At last night's Town Council meeting, the decision to move forward with banning “single use” plastic bags was officially put into play. Starting April 15, 2019, grocers and large retailers will not be able to distribute single-use (4mm or less thickness) bags. There will be a 20c fee for paper bags. Shoppers will be encouraged to bring and use their own reusable bags to avoid having to buy bags. The fee collected will be split between the businesses and the town. All other retailers starting on November 15, 2019, will have to comply to the new ordinance.

Click here to read meeting's notes and the Chamber's stance on ordinance.

View Chamber's comment to Town during early stages of ordinance this past fall here

Winter Windfall A Success with Over 1 Million Dollars Spent in Campaign's First Year 

The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce wrapped up its Winter Windfall campaign on December 20th, 2018 with a total ticket distribution of 56,000 to shoppers at 19 participating member businesses. Winter Windfall Started Black Friday and was created to promote local shopping during the holiday season—for every $20 spent in participating businesses, customers would receive a raffle ticket to be entered for the $2,000 shopping spree Grand Prize. The campaign created $1,120,000 in revenue, making the first year a success.

Read full release here

Great Until Late 2018-19 Marketing Co-op

December 10, 2018, Jackson, WY-Most of our Winter Visitors and Residents will spend 70% of their discretionary money after 6:00 P.M.
Will you make it easy for customers to spend their money? 

The Great Until Late program encourages Jackson businesses to stay open past 6:00 P.M. to take advantage of shoppers ready to spend money in the evenings! It includes free bus passes from Jackson Hole Mountain Resort to Town beginning at 5:30 P.M. Thank you to our sponsor Snow King Mountain for helping make this happen.

Benefits: This will include social media sharing, web exposure, brochures at all Visitor Centers, and print media. Ads will run December 21, 2018, through March 23, 2019.

$300-Chamber Members
$600-Future Members

Terms: Open your doors to more business after 6:00 P.M. starting Friday, December 21st and continue to for all Thursdays | Fridays| Saturdays| until Saturday, March 23, 2019 (Excluding Holidays).

SIGN UP BY 12/17/18!!
Contact Rick Howe 307.201.2294 | Email here to sign up.
Office drop-offs welcome as well at 260 W Broadway. 

Plastic Bag Ordinance P Passes 2nd Reading

A “different philosophy” was noted by Town Staff yesterday as Town Council voted 4-1 to move the Ordinance P for Disposable Bag Requirements to its final reading on December 17, 2019. They were referring to the path to the same end goal, which we all agreed was the right thing, to ban single-use plastic bags.  The Chamber had used last night’s public comment period to request the ordinance be simplified to a lower fee that retailers would keep and use to manage education and bag purchasing in place of an ongoing revenue stream generated through the fee and split with TOJ. Instead, the ordinance stands and the fee for a bag greater than 4mm will be .20c which will be split 50/50 between the retailer and TOJ.

The Town Council approved an amount (TBD) to fund an education campaign that should start in the New Year. Watch for more information on what the ordinance means for your business, we plan to work closely with Integrated Solid Waste and Recycling and the Town of Jackson to help our members and the community transition in April and November. If you have specific questions please call the Chamber.

View Ordinance Here

Chamber Makes Public Comment on Snow King Phase Two Master Plan Application

View the full comment President and CEO, Anna Olson, sent on behlaf of the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce in regards to Snow King Mountain to the Jackson District Ranger.

Plastic Bag Staff Reports And Ordinance

A group of Chamber retail businesses met with TOJ staff last month about the proposed ordinance regarding plastic bag distribution in Teton County. Their feedback and public comment have contributed to the Staff Report and Ordinance just released.
Based on retail business input the Chamber of Commerce has not been opposed to the change or a fee as we support the goal to reduce single use plastic bag distribution into the ecosystem, but we do believe and have stated at public meetings the fee should stay with the retailer to offset their management costs. This also avoids compliance oversight and other costs identified by the Town to administer this program, while not effecting the desired outcome of a change in behavior.

10/18/2018-Chamber Comment Letter to Town on Plastic Bag Draft Ordinance

Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce Announces 53rd Annual Member Award Winners!

October 8, 2018 Jackson, WY- Each year, the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce sets aside one evening to honor the best of our business community, chamber members who are making an impact in Jackson Hole. This year’s Annual Award Winners represent a diverse group of individuals and businesses that exemplify everything from employee recognition, to leadership style to the overall lasting effect on the community. Each winner will receive their award in person at the Annual Award Celebration at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar Friday, October 19 from 5:00-7:30 P.M. View full release with winners here.

Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce Business Development Committee is Pleased to Announce Winter Windfall 

The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce Business Development Committee is pleased to
announce “Winter Windfall”--this program will improve the local business climate through creating a local shopping incentive each year from Black Friday until December 20th. This has historically been a marginal period of the year for our retail businesses.
Date of Program: Day after Thanksgiving to December 20th each year
Cost: $300 – Chamber of Commerce members eligible program only
(not a member- call and sign up today, you won’t want to miss this)
Participation Details:
· Must be a Chamber of Commerce member to participate
· $300 investment per store. (There are no multiple store discounts available for this program)
· All monies collected will be used for advertising and prizes.
· No hourly requirements
· We must have commitments via signature or email by November 10th. Learn more and sign up here. 

Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism Board Releases Annual Report 

Travel and Tourism Board has released the Numbers according to the lodging tax and visitation in Jackson Hole. The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce advocates to renew the Lodging Tax--it supports a year round economy, lets visitors pay for their impacts, and supports community events we value. Please vote YES for the Lodging tax on Nov 6, 2018. Learn more HERE | View release HERE.

Jackson Hole Chamber and Rotary Lunch Club Join Forces to Deliver Comprehensive Line Up of Candidate Forums

With 26 decisions to make on the Nov 6th ballot sheet and early voting starting on Sept 21, the voters have a lot of homework to pack in. The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary Lunch Club are teaming up to make it easy. Don’t miss their joint forums which will include questions that relate to the big issues, housing, development, budgets, human services and transportation. Candidates will also be asked their views on the Lodging Tax. Using their established meeting times, the Chamber Business Over Breakfast will host State Race candidates, Sheriff and Assessor races and Rotary Lunch will host Hospital, County and Town candidates. Members and guests are welcome and encouraged to attend all the forums.

See full release and SAVE THE DATES!

Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce Unveils New Brand Logo and Promise 

September 12, 2018, Jackson, WY- The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce is pleased to share with its 900 plus members and the community a new brand identity supported by a new brand promise representing the full spectrum of work and programming the Chamber delivers year-round. The Chamber is repositioning from Respecting the Power of Place to Ride for the Brand. 

Read the full release here

Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce 2017-2018 Annual Report 

Membership can expect to get the hardcopy in the mail in September 2018. View the electronic version here.

Town of Jackson Proposed Draft of Plastic Bag Ordinance 

Read about the ordinance here.  

Following a good public turnout and listing to your feedback, the town has scheduled a second public workshop on this topic for October 15. The chamber is meeting with Johnny Ziem (Assistant Public Works Director), who is coordinating this process on September 24. Be on the lookout for a request from the Chamber after Falls Arts Festival about any concers, questions or feedback you have regarding your business and the ordinance. We will have have a chance to highlight these with Johnn prior to the public workshop at our meeting on the 24th (Location TBA). We have recieved comments ont he fee, how it would be implemented, roll out timing and size of bags being banned. 

Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce Will Host Two Candidate Forums In Time for Elections

Jackson Hole, WY July 6, 2018-The Chamber will be holding two Business Over Breakfast (BOB) meetings in August to provide an opportunity to meet all the candidates running in the primary for the open Town Council and County Commission seats.  The Chamber of Commerce strongly encourages business members to attend these forums. Successful candidates will influence the business environment of the future.

Thursday August 2, 2018: 7.30-9.00am
Where: Snow King Grand Teton Room
Topic:  Town Council candidate forum

Friday August 3, 2018: 7.30-9.00am
Where: Snow King Grand Teton Room
Topic: County Commission candidate forum

For $16 (Chamber members) or $25 (non-members), each session includes a Q+A style breakfast with the candidates answering questions about crucial issues that impact Jackson's business environment--issues regarding housing mitigation, affordable workforce housing, the lodging tax, and transportation.

Please email to register for the forum(s) you'd like to attend.  

Lodging and Restaurant Organizations work together to find long term solution to Wyoming Office of Tourism funding.

Read about the strategy here:

WLRA and WTIC are hosting two educational webinars dedicated to this initiative on July 17, 2018 at 2:00 pm and on August 28, 2018 at 2:00 pm.  Properties do not need to be a WLRA or WTIC member to participate in these educational webinars, they just need to email to register.  

Engage 2018 Housing Mitigation 

To achieve increased and successful workforce housing that meets the Comprehensive Plan goals the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce would support a market solution instead of a government policy approach. The market needs incentives rather than penalties for successful future development. We believe businesses have been unfairly targeted as the driver of job growth and related housing/ transit stresses and to target this one sector for a solution, while ignoring other impactful factors such as job growth in government and institution (40% of new jobs in past 10 years), seasonal employment and free market house price increases will not result in the desired outcome of more workforce housing.

Read more here

Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce Membership Survey Executive Summary 2018

The mission of the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce is to champion the interests of local businesses, enhance their prosperity, and strengthen the economic climate of Teton County. We are committed to our 900 members who embody Jackson Hole’s business community. We exist to serve you by providing personalized support to help your business thrive. In March, we asked for your feedback to shape our focus moving forward. Over 250 of you replied, representing businesses of all sizes and sectors. Please view the summary full in detail here

Engage 2017 Is In Phase Four 

April 23, 2018

Town Zoning, Parking and Workforce Housing

Members of the Town Council, County Commission and Town/County Planning Commissions,

Last fall, a diverse group of organizations came together to listen, work, and identify areas of issue alignment in support of the Engage 2017 process. Participating organizations include Friends of Pathways, Habitat for Humanity, Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce, Jackson Hole Community Housing Trust, Jackson Hole Working and Shelter JH. This group represents for-profit and not-for-profit business, housing, and transportation advocates.

Zoning, Parking, and Housing

We unequivocally support the transfer of residential units from rural areas in the county to complete neighborhoods in the town and county. We agree this objective will help advance housing goals, reduce traffic on county roads, mitigate impacts associated with growth, and protect natural resources.  

We are concerned that a core conflict exists between the standards that have been established for districts intended to absorb additional density (FAR, LSR, and height) and the underlying parking requirements that do not accommodate this density. Parking and LSR standards must be adjusted to support the density desired; absent meaningful changes, it won’t be possible to take advantage of incentives in designated districts. By considering development standards, progressive parking strategies and density objectives as a package, we create an opportunity to develop much needed housing in our community and minimize transportation issues. However, if we do not adjust parking and LSR in areas of desired density, the development of new housing supply will be reduced and the cost of housing in our community will increase.

Before action is taken in zones NM-1, NM-2, NH-1 and CR-3, we recommend the Town appoint a working group for each zone to confirm the viability of residential buildout. Each group should include architects, builders, planners, and neighborhood stakeholders that are committed to achieving our community’s goals for housing and transportation. This group should be tasked with identifying tangible amendments that will help accomplish density objectives for each zone.

We are hopeful that these suggestions are useful as you consider the complexities of zoning and parking.


The Collaborative Group

Friends of Pathways

Habitat for Humanity

Jackson Hole Community Housing Trust

Jackson Hole Working

Shelter JH

Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce advocate for our members. We attend every Town Council, County Commissioner, and JIM meeting on your behalf. We work towards solutions on a local, state, regional, and national level.

We are a reliable information source and a central hub for all community partners who are working on business-related related issues. The following are updates, as well as the actions the Chamber of Commerce is taking on your behalf.

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