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Maysie Reach Memorial Scholarship

This memorial award is given by the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce in memory of Jackson Hole High School graduate, Maysie Reach.  This scholarship is awarded to students pursuing business administration majors, who have taken part in some extra curricular activities while in high school and who demonstrate financial need. Students must be attending a Wyoming University, College or Technical School. This scholarship amount is a one time award of $1,500, freshman year. Learn more about the Maysie Reach Memorial Scholarship and other scholarships availalble at

The Chamber was pleased to help the following students pusue their professional goals.

2021    Lezly Diaz Morrillion
2020    Daniel Lopez-Carillo and Ramiro Gonzalez
2019    Madden Hart
2018    Seth Palmquiest
2017     Devon Topp
2016    Tania Jimenez
2015    Stephanie Marino and Nicole Niklas.
2014    Christopher Bancroft
2013    Garrett Spencer and McKenna Brinton

The Chamber presented the 2013 Maysie Reach scholarship to McKenna Brinton and Garrett Spencer, two students who show promise in business administration. Garrett worked with the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce during the summer of 2010. The talented wildlife photographer is also active in Wyoming 4-H. Learn about the Chamber's internship program at

Pictured: Past President/CEO Jeff Golightly presents the scholarship to Garrett and McKenna.