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Professional Visitor Services Helps Make Connections Around Jackson Hole

The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the Town of Jackson is now offering enhanced visitor services at the Home Ranch Welcome Center on North Cache.

Vice President Rick Howe, IOM, commented, “The Chamber has found that modern travelers are often well informed through online resources, but there is no better resource than an experienced visitor services professional that can provide personalized information for an individual traveler’s needs. It can make the difference between a good trip and an exceptional experience.”

High-quality visitor services is important to fostering a sustainable year-round economy in Jackson Hole by educating visitors about community values, introducing new ideas to their travel plans, encouraging them to avoid high-traffic areas, and helping them have an experience they can recommend to their friends and families.

Chamber visitor services are now available at the Chamber’s administrative offices on West Broadway, at the Jackson Hole & Greater Yellowstone Visitor Center, at the Home Ranch Welcome Center, and at the Jackson Hole Airport during the winter season.

Building Statewide Connections with Destination Marketing Program

The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce Visitor Services Department made a splash in 2016. The team collaborated with the Wyoming Office of Tourism (WOT) to become more educated and better able to represent the entire Cowboy State via the 2016 Visitor Services FAM Tour and the Destination Marketing Specialist Certification Program.

Jill Hiatt and Justin Walters both won scholarships for the 2016 Visitor Services FAM Tour. The tour is open to all frontline staff who work in Wyoming’s visitor’s centers but only a limited number of scholarships were available.
Vice President Rick Howe, IOM stated, “We’re proud to focus on networking and building relationships throughout the state Wyoming.”

Jill Hiatt, Justin Walters, Sharon Brown, and Rob Barber each earned advanced levels of the Wyoming Destination Marketing Specialist Certification Program. The program is offered by the State of Wyoming to increase the level of knowledge for any person or business interested in the vital impacts that the tourism industry has throughout Wyoming.

The course provides comprehensive knowledge and focuses on the following areas: economic impacts of travel and tourism, geography, history, culture, traveler safety, highway systems, attractions, lodging, and hunting and fishing. Jill and Justin completed their Silver Level II –Wrangler Programs and Sharon completed the Bronze Level I – Outrider Program.

The Chamber has been working closely with industry professionals and legislators around the state of Wyoming in order to build relationships and highlight the importance of the tourism industry to Teton County. Tourism is the most important industry in Teton County and the second-most important industry in the state of Wyoming. Building relationships is an important tool to help the Chamber champion the interests of our local businesses.