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Please note: While the Chamber is no longer accepting summer internshop applications, we do want to help you get dialed in for the summer. If you are stll looking for an internship in Jackson Hole, please response to Riley Frances Boone at for information regarding Chamber members that are still looking for a summer intern. 

Experience, Grow, Connect: Become a Jackson Hole Intern

Why intern with the Chamber of Commerce? We are more than just a business - we're a support system. Our job is to  support other businesses, nonprofit organizations and government organizations in the surrounding area to thrive by walking hand in hand towards the same mission. Our vision os to provice leadership in improving the quality of life in a world-class destination renown for our vibrant economy, dynamic and welcoming community, and treasured environment. Our mission is to champion the interests of local businesses, enhance their prosperity, and strenthen the economic climate of Teton County. 

Chamber of Commerce Internship Opportunities

  • Chamber of Commerce Internship: Experience how a Chamber of Commerce works first hand with this internship. You will have the chance to work in Special Events, Visitor Services, Communciations, Membership and Operations. If you're interested in any of these fields, please complete the Internship Sign Up Form located on the right side of this page. Due to a large interest and an exceptional list of intern applicants, we will be accepting 3 interns this summer. The Chamber of Commerce internship is unpaid. Though we can only accept 3 interns, the Chamber of Commerce partners with other businesses in town to offer a wide variety of internship opportunitites. 

Chamber Members: 

  • Connect with Intern Applicants through the Chamber!
    • Partner with the Chamber of Commerce to find the most enthusiastic and eager interns looking to gain business insight while experiencing all that Jackson Hole has to offer. 
  • Connect Directly with Intern Applicants!  

    Would you like to work with an intern to help provide a well-rounded experience while gaining needed assistance from the partnership? Businesses and nonprofits interested in working with young professionals can utliize a variety of benefits such as increased productivity, infusion of fresh ideas, and an enhanced talent pipeline. Members are invited to take advantage of the Chamber's popular program to reach prospective interns directly by advertising opportunities here, on the Chamber's website. We are confident  successfully building connections between Chamber members and interns. To get started, simply click this link, Blank intership form  to download and complete the blank template. The cost is $49 to have your business posted on the Chamber website. 


Be Aware of Your Rights and Responsibilities: Employers and interns have unique rights and responsibilities. Click here to find Fact Sheet #71: Internship Programs Under The Fair Labor Standards Act provided by the U.S. Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division. Thanks to the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce for providing leadership via Greater Grads.

More Information: Contact the Chamber at 307.201.2303 or 

Thanks to the following businesses and nonprofits who participated in the summer 2017 internship program!

  • Dave Hansen Whitewater
  • Wyoming Outfitters
  • Teton Village Association
  • Lewis and Clark River Expeditions
  • Altamira Fine Art
  • Destination Services Corporation, DSC
  • Jackson Hole Dancers' Workshop
  • Rendezvous Park
  • Jackson Hole Playhouse
  • Grand Teton Association
  • Inn at Jackson Hole
  • Live Water Properties

Student Testimonials

My internship at the Chamber of Commerce in the magical place of Jackson Hole, Wyoming made this summer the best one I’ve had yet. The Chamber staff is composed of incredibly intelligent, empowering people who not only make sure you feel welcomed and at home, but push you to learn and grow. Through my involvement with the Chamber, I was able to connect with countless people and places of Jackson Hole that I might not have otherwise. The networking opportunities and fun benefits associated with working for the Chamber are endless. As a strategic communications student, the insights I gained about effective marketing and the importance of a membership-focused business are invaluable. My intern experience with the Chamber was rewarding for my education in enhancing my knowledge of the business world while simultaneously allowing me to enjoy the amazing opportunities that a Jackson Hole summer has to offer. - Tanya Grover, University of Kansas

My summer at the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce ended too soon! My experience interning with the Chamber was so valuable. The staff made me feel welcomed and each person made it clear that they wanted me to succeed and learn everything I could about Jackson. The Chamber provided me the opportunity to be fully immersed in the culture and ins-and-outs of Jackson Hole. I was able to learn about and network with the local businesses and people in the community by helping Mo and Renee plan Chamber events. I enjoyed the hands on experience of helping with major Chamber events such as Old West Days, Elk Fest, and the Fourth of July Parade as well as Mixers and Business Over Breakfasts. I’m so thankful for the experiences the Chamber provided for me, the skills I learned, and the individuals I was able to meet. Life in Jackson at the Chamber of Commerce will surely be missed! - Emily Greeson, University of West Georgia

My summer with the Chamber was one of the best internship experiences I’ve had. The staff was welcoming from day one and I felt comfortable talking with them and asking questions. I never felt like an “intern”- rather, the staff at the Chamber made me feel like their equal. Through staff meetings, business breakfast and lunches, and candidate forums I gained a unique economic perspective on Jackson Hole. I learned about the challenges the area faced, the process for creating resolutions, and the necessary steps to put those resolutions into action. This summer was my first time in Jackson Hole, and I got to experience the valley as both a tourist and an insider through the Chamber. I am extremely grateful for my time at the Chamber, the things I learned, and the friendships I formed. - Emily Laskoe, University of Virginia

I’ve worked in Jackson Hole the past five summers and never knew what went into making local businesses so successful. Interning at the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce brought how important local businesses are to my attention and how they make this town tick. I’ve loved coming to work here throughout the summer and I have learned something new every day. From helping the Chamber become a greener workplace with finding ways to conserve water to learning the process of accreditation, everyday has been a learning experience. I greatly appreciate the opportunity I was given to help the Chamber obtain its 5-star accreditation and it was very interesting to see what makes this Chamber so special. The skillset I acquired here has positively impacted my life as I prepare to move forward and I’m so grateful for the staff that helped me along the way. - Samantha Emmett, Utah State University

“My internship at the Chamber was the highlight of my summer. Whether working in the office, doing errands around town, or helping out at different events, I truly enjoyed this experience. When I started this internship I was hoping to get a job working for a local company. Not only did I succeed in getting a job, but the connections I made at the Chamber continue to help me in my new job. In my internship I gained a new appreciation for non-profits and local businesses. The Chamber of Commerce in Jackson Hole, just like any other close-knit community, plays such a large role in organizing and planning locally. I am so happy that I was able to be a part of the Chamber this summer because it has immersed me into Jackson’s community, all while having an absolute blast.” - Camryn Warner, Quinnipiac University / TravelstorysGPS

“It is going to be hard to top my summer with the Chamber. After years of visiting Jackson Hole with my family, I thought I knew this community well. But through my work with the Chamber, I learned so much about the business community that most visitors never get to see. It was fascinating to experience the inner workings of an economy mostly known for its tourism, but yet has so much more to offer. I attended networking events and board meetings and saw business connections and relationships being made. I worked on marketing and social media projects and realized how much I enjoyed working within this extensive, yet close-knit, small-business community. Above all, the people I worked with at the Chamber made my experience so special. They genuinely wanted me to pursue my interests while learning about all that the Chamber and Jackson Hole had to offer. I felt like they wanted me to see and fall in love with this community the same way they had, and it most definitely worked!” -Bridget Murdoch, Kenyon College

“Interning at the Chamber was a fantastic opportunity to introduce myself to the business community. Experiencing a town as small as Jackson but with a reputation as big as the state itself was incredibly eye-opening to the capacity at which this deceivingly small town functions, and how the Chamber fuels and aids the businesses within. As I participated in mixers and worked within the Chamber I was truly amazed at the humility and collaboration I saw within the community. Throughout my time here I learned more than I could have imagined about the unseen work of this wonderful place. I am confident that I acquired skills, but more importantly a mindset, that will assist me in the future.” -Livia Abuls, Colorado College

“Interning at the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce was a wonderful experience. The staff was very warm, welcoming, and easy to learn from. During my time I was made aware of the many pertinent issues facing the local community. Debates over taxes and tourism were very interesting to observe from an economic standpoint. I loved reading about different economic indicators that are vital to the success of the tourist industry, such as Yellowstone visitation rates and seasonal airport arrival rates. I was intrigued by the different viewpoints people have about the expanding tourism industry and how this expansion could possibly affect the lives of yearly residents. Jackson Hole does have a rich history and stunning beauty that attracts visitors in the winter and summer, but Jackson Hole also functions more than solely on tourism. It was great to experience firsthand how the Chamber promotes and supports local business year round. The Chamber’s close focus on enhanced customer service makes them a wonderful resource for any business in the area because they are always available to give advice. I was very impressed by the amount of events that the Chamber organizes that allow the business leaders in the community to interact and bounce ideas off of each other. Any place blessed with a geographic location like Jackson can thrive economically during ski and peak outdoor seasons, but the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce provides insight and knowledge to promote a healthy year round economy as well.” -Charlie Bushnell, Johns Hopkins University

“Working as an intern at the Chamber this summer has been an incredibly valuable learning experience for me. Since the Chamber touches so many parts of the Jackson infrastructure, I really feel that I have been able to get involved with the entire community. Thanks to the Chamber, I was able to connect with and learn from several local organizations and small businesses. In this way, the internship was tailored directly to my own personal and professional interests and allowed me to forge relationships which I know will be invaluable assets in pursuing the career of my choice." -Mary Reischmann, Washington University in St. Louis

"My internship at the Chamber was not just a learning experience, it was a warm and fun involvement with some of the friendliest and most caring individuals I’ve ever met in my life. My experience provided me with the knowledge of marketing, meetings, events, tourism, and how to comfortably network with community members and business owners in and around Jackson Hole. This internship has opened my eyes to so many different career paths and interests that I would never have known about if it was not for the Chamber. Being able to learn every aspect that there is to offer in the business world as an intern, all while having fun, is one decision I am glad I made and I will never regret!" - Courtney Manovich, Point Park University

Courtney Manovich works with Rick Howe, IOM in March 2014.

"I loved my experience at the Chamber! Jackson has so much to offer in business, arts, philanthropy, and sports and as an intern at the Chamber, I felt like I got to see it all. I have learned how a Chamber of Commerce operates and can really impact local businesses. I had the opportunity to work on Chamber events and different projects that really reflected the Chamber’s goal of promoting business, community, and environment. I have gained a unique business perspective working in a town primarily driven by tourism with such great focus on community involvement and sustainability. " - Elaina Manley, Indiana University

"My internship was an experience that not only prepared me for a job but truly opened my eyes to everything Jackson Hole is about. The Chamber introduced me to lasting connections and helped me grow in many different areas that will be useful for the rest of my career.” -Megan Taylor, University of Georgia

"Interning at the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce provided me with an incredible understanding of both the micro and macro business perspectives in an economy that thrives off of hospitality. I had the opportunity to work with business owners around the Jackson area, allowing me to apply marketing techniques I have learned in the Ross School of Business. My entire experience in Jackson Hole was unparalleled-- one that will go down in the books forever." -Mollie Buerschen, Ross School of Business

"Not only was my internship with the Chamber a major learning opportunity from which I benefited immensely, it was also rewarding. Through my efforts, I was able to utilize and refine my skills while having fun. My time in Jackson Hole has allowed me to become a more well-rounded and competent worker. Not often does a work culture offer such an enjoyable experience, but the Chamber certainly hit the nail on the head. " – Kirsten Donica, George Mason University

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