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Lodging Tax

Lodging Tax Facts & Resources for Businesses

The lodging tax is a 2% tax that is added to a visitors stay in any Teton County hotel, motel or rental property. It was approved by voters in November 2010 and re-approved in November 2014. Dubbed "the tax you don't pay," this money is collected from tourists visiting the valley. The Jackson Hole Travel and Tourism Joint Powers board is responsible for allocating 60% of the collected funds. Teton County and Town of Jackson governments are responsible for the remaining 40% of funds collected.

The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce recognizes the volunteer efforts of the Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism Board. Thank you, Keely Herron, Chairman; Brian Gallagher, Vice Chair; Mike Halpin, Treasurer; Brian Modena, Secretary; Alex Klein; Cory Carlson; and Crista Valentino. Learn About the Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism Board. Visit

Do you know how the Lodging Tax is distributed? Check out this infographic for a simple breakdown. The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce is honored to receive a portion of the funds of Visitor Services and Community Events.

The lodging tax is a tool that helps visitors pay for their own impacts.

Lodging tax goes to Town and County coffers for services like START Bus, community pathways maintenance, and trash and recycling collection on Town Square. It also helps fund Visitor Services at the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce — professional agents connect visitors with the services they need when they're in the valley and when they're planning trips. One-on-one contact enables Jackson Hole to be more responsive and more competitive.

The lodging tax is important for the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce.

The mission of the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce is to champion the interests of local businesses, enhance their prosperity, and strengthen the economic climate of Teton County. The lodging tax supports our mission by fostering a sustainable year round economy. The tax contributes to marketing efforts that focus on fall, winter, and spring — the seasons that have room for improvement. By working to alleviate seasonal dips, the lodging tax helps local business owners have more predictability.

The lodging tax helps to fund DestiMetrics.

The premier provider of lodging performance benchmarking tools to mountain resorts throughout the western United States, DestiMetrics provides occupancy numbers on a 45-day forward looking basis. The information is an invaluable tool for local government, businesses, and nonprofit organizations to assist with strategic programming, staffing, purchasing, event planning, and more. Pictured: The team from DestiMetrics helped to educate the community about how to utilize the reports

Learn about the PAC, Residents for a Sustainable Community.

Residents for a Sustainable Community, the lodging tax PAC, was created to advocate for the lodging tax by encouraging voter support. The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce would like to thank the members of the PAC along with businesses, organizations, and individuals who contributed to the effort of educating Teton County voters. Would you like to make a contribution? Make checks payable to: Residents for a Sustainable Community, PO Box 550, Jackson, WY 83001. For more information, call 307.733.3316.

Resources for Businesses that Collect Lodging Tax

The following organizations help to set the guidelines for how the Lodging Tax is used in the state of Wyoming and provide resources to the participating hotels, motels and rental properties.

Community Members Support the Lodging Tax

Thanks to the community members who supported the 2014 lodging tax campaign! Please see a few of the advertisements that appeared in local media outlets. The community members explained in their own words why they supported the lodging tax reelection.