Kate’s Real Food

OUR MISSION: Kate's exists to provide people with delicious, real food products; grow, promote and support outdoor play; and support sustainable organic farming practices. Originating in Jackson Hole, Kate's Tram Bars were made for big mountain play, mainly, for maximizing ski time at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. The organic and all natural bars have rich textures and an amazing flavor mix which has created addicts far and wide. A small company, Kate's is growing quickly! All it takes is one taste; the bars speak for themselves, and those words are spreading like western wildfires. How can an energy bar be this good? Kate's carries Kate's philosophy of a good life. Play good, eat good, live better. We strive to find the perfect balance of work and play in our lives and support the folks who've supported us from the beginning, and along the way.

Jackson, WY  83001

Phone: (208) 354-4790

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Real food products:|Grow, Promote and Support Outdoor Play|Support Sustainable Organic Farming