Laughing Earth Greenhouse

We specialize in designer flower planters/hanging baskets for sale or rent for special occasions in a sustainable, eco friendly manner. 43 years of gardening in Jackson Hole has added to my vast knowledge base of what grows successfully in our high altitude.

6808 Squaw Creek Road
Jackson, WY  83001

Phone: 307 413 3508

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Here is how I create my planters:
In January, in the coldest month, I pull out the seed catalogs and begin planning my designs.

In February/March, I start my seedlings under high efficiency LED grow lights in my garage.

In April, I make my own soil from my kitchen compost, coco fiber, and other organic ingredients-- yes, that's right, my plants grow in a big pot of my garbage! At that time, I also start potting up my planters in pulp baskets (made from by products of the logging/paper industry). I move the plants to my backyard greenhouse and let them begin to flourish. I use all organic fertilizers on these plants as they grow.

By June, they are beautiful and ready for display. I put my heart, soul, and instincts into creating a thing of beauty adorning them with suncatchers made from upcycled chandelier crystals purchased from the Habitat Restore.