Onyx and Antler

John Bickner, Jr. is the artist and owner of Onyx and Antler. Growing up in Jackson, Wyoming, he enjoys the outdoors and the beauty it offers. John is from a family of craftsmen and shows his appreciation of nature through his pieces of fine art which incorporate antlers, minerals, and wood among other material. His artwork is exhibited world-wide and is a beautiful and versatile accent; from a rustic hunting cabin to the most elegant modern and chic homes, John's pieces complement every type of home decor.  He welcomes working with designers and clients directly on unique and specialty concepts.  Feel free to reach out to John by text: 307-734-0127. Mailing address: PO Box 234, Jackson Wy 83001

36 E Broadway
Jackson, WY  83001

Phone: 307-733-0067

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