South Park Metalworks

South Park Metalworks can create any weld from large commercial projects to custom, in-home pieces. We are proud to offer custom fabrication and installation of residential and commercial guard rails, stairs, platforms and grab rails, and automotive fabrication. We also specialize in aluminum welding.

3520 South Park Drive
Jackson, WY  83001

Phone: (307)733-7219

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The Teton Valley is home to distinct architecture, stylistically both classic and contemporary, and relying on the interplay of wood, stone, and metal. We’ll work with you or your designer to create metal pieces that fit with the look and function of your home or office. Perhaps you’re looking for a full-metal spiral staircase or a staircase that integrates metal railings with wooden stairs. We’re also experienced in designing outdoor pieces like verandas and deck railings designed to maximize views and allow your outdoor room to integrate with its environment

The Rocky Mountain West has a strong history of custom vehicles, from vintage pickup trucks to tricked out Jeeps specially customized for serious overlanding. No matter the state of your vehicle, from rust bucket to brand-spanking new, we can transform your truck to suit your needs. Specifically, we can work with you on restoration, chassis fabrication, custom suspension, custom roof racks, and body and frame restoration.

Have a dream for a custom metal piece? Talk to us about making the dream a reality. We can build custom welded pieces like outdoor furniture and sculptures, to amazing custom grills or asadors.