TravelStorysGPS, LLC

TravelStorysGPS is a smartphone application that connects travelers to the land through vivid and engaging stories told in real time, and raises money for land conservation. Blending existing technologies - GPS, audio, video, and social media - TravelStorysGPS offers travelers entertaining audible narration about the passing landscape through stories about the land, interwoven with conservation themes. Travelers are invited to make a modest charitable gift to support the conservation organization that conserves properties viewed along the road. TravelStorysGPS creates a unique driving experience, educating travelers as they pass through landscapes that are uniquely scenic, historical and integral to the surrounding ecosystem. Hearing stories about these lands while traveling through them transforms any drive into a multidimensional, entertaining, and profoundly enjoyable experience. By using fun facts and stories to create a sense of place, and forging a real-time connection to that place to inspire a charitable gift, TravelStorysGPS links the traveling public with numerous conservation organizations.

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