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The mission of the Outreach School is to extend the University of Wyoming's educational programs to the state of Wyoming and beyond with innovative and unique opportunities for learners of many ages, interests, locations, and motivations. The Outreach School understands the challenges facing non-traditional students who work, have families, and take classes. We also understand the challenges of more traditional students who choose to stay in their own communities to finish their UW degree programs. The Outreach School facilitates the learning of students statewide by placing staff at regional centers statewide, scheduling courses and delivering degree programs to meet the needs of a wide variety of learners, and partnering with Wyoming's excellent community college. Whether you are interested in finishing your Bachelors, becoming an RN, earning a Masters in Education, Nursing, Business, or Social Work or even earning a Doctorate, we may the University for you. Check out our full list of offerings under Outreach Credit Programs.

240 S Glenwood Ave, Center for the Arts
Jackson, WY  83001-

Phone: (307) 734-0224

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Hours: Jackson Office Hours: Monday and Thursday 8:30-12:30; Tuesday 8:30-5pm; Wednesday 2-6pm.


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