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Annual Awards Celebration

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2018: The 53rd Annual Awards Celebration Winners 

The Chamber would like to thank the Review Committee made up of the Executive Committee as well as members of the Young Professionals of the Tetons, Membership, and Business Development Committees.

Citizen of the Year- Heather Overholser

This award is based on activities benefiting the greatest number of people in the area, a singular accomplishment of great benefit to the community, or continuing service to the community over a period of time. Recipients of this award have been widely respected in the community for their personal qualities as well as their contributions. 

“Heather has worked tirelessly in her capacity as the Superintendent of Integrated Solid Waste and Recycling (ISWR) to provide our community with safe, healthy, and cost-effective waste disposal. She is managing the construction of a new transfer station and composting facility that will enable Teton County to have community food composting for the first time ever.”

Ride for the Brand- Jerry Blann

This award is for those individuals and families with long-term “demonstrated respect for the place we call Jackson Hole through dedicated, effective and exceptional action to ensure the vitality of our economy, community, and environment, our triple bottom line.

“Very few people have impacted Jackson Hole in such positive ways as has Jerry Blann. Jerry has served as President of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort from 1995 through May 2018, roughly 23 years. Jerry was the right leader to work with ownership, staff and our community members and organizations as he steered the Ski Corp to the world class Mountain Resort it is today, and in doing so, provided Teton County's winter season economic engine. His focus on excellence, customer service, community housing solutions, year-round air service and non-profit support in addition to his economic contribution will serve our community well into the future."

Rising Star- Kendra Heimbuck

This award is for the individual, under the age of 40, who is blazing the streets of Jackson with their innovation and service – both professionally and personally.

“Kendra is Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity. She joined the staff in the Spring of 2016. Kendra is the strongest, level-headed, positive leader I have ever met. She leads by example and continues to be an inspiration to her entire staff. She is wise and composed beyond her years. Habitat went through a period of change and staff turnover all while starting the biggest project Habitat has ever taken on. Kendra is an incredible asset to the community.”

G2G: Green to Green- Grand Teton Lodge Company

This award is for the business that has shown a commitment to the environment by prescribing to innovative and effective environmentally conscious business practices.

“Grand Teton Lodge Company has long been a leader in sustainability and environmental

stewardship. The company’s efforts span all operational areas, and include energy and water

conservation, protection of wildlife habitat, waste reduction and diversion, and educating and engaging employees and the public to be part of the solution. In 2017 Grand Teton Lodge Company was recognized by the National Park Service with an Environmental Achievement Award for innovation in their pre-consumer food waste composting program.”

Business of the Year (Large)- Fine Dining

This award recognizes a large business or entity that has achieved excellence in all areas of operations and contributed to the Jackson community.  

“There are several key reasons FDRG should receive this award. First, as a company,

FDRG makes significant contributions of time, in kind, sponsorship and cash donations to the community. FDRG believes in being responsible citizens and community members, which is evidenced time and time again through off season special fundraising and the thousands of donations made to community organizations. Whether it’s celebrating successes or challenging each other to do better next time, the family mentality is an integral part of the FDRG company.”

Business of the Year (Small)- Sweet Cheeks Meats

This award recognizes a small business (10 or less employees) or entity that has achieved excellence in all areas of operations and contributed to the Jackson community.  

“They are kind, friendly and bringing us a great source for healthy, local, fresh foods in a fun and innovative way. Their commitment to help community events and being part of the markets has been huge and their energy and giving is part of why we are so excited about their future.”

2017: The 52nd Annual Awards Celebration Winners 

Rich Ochs – Citizen of the Year

Clarke Nelson – Power of Place

Crista Valentino – Rising Star:

Slow Food in the Tetons – G2G: Green To Green

Jackson Hole Rodeo – Business of the Year

Terry Ray – Distinguished Service

2016: The 51st Annual Awards Celebration Winners 

Power of Place – Steve Duerr

Citizen of the Year – Dr. Heather Carleton

Business of the Year – Snow King Mountain Resort

Green to Green – Local Restaurant and Bar

Rising Star – Chase & Cody Lockhart

2015: The 50th Annual Awards Celebration Winners 

Citizen of the Year - Katharine Conover

Business of the Year - The Wort Hotel

Green-to-Green - Hole Food Rescue

Rising Star - Dick Stout

Power of Place - Pete Karns

Howdy Pardners Western Hospitality Award - Craig and Cliff & Loretta Kirkpatrick

2014: The 49th Annual Awards Celebration Winners 

Citizen of the Year - Mayor Mark Barron

Business of the Year - Snake River Brewing Company

Green-to-Green: Terra Firma Organics

Rising Star - Ali and Kevin Cohane

Howdy Pardners Western Hospitality Award - Mike and Claudia Schrotz

Power of Place - Manuel Lopez

2013: The 48th Annual Awards Celebration Winners

Business of the Year (New for 2013) - Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

Citizen of the Year – Bob McLaurin

Green-to-Green – Blue Spruce Cleaners

Rising Star – Tom Fay

Howdy Pardners Western Hospitality Award – Jackson Police Department Citizen's Mounted Unit

2012: The 47th Annual Awards Celebration Winners 

Power of Place - Old Bill’s Fun Run

Citizen of the Year - Herb & Amy Brooks

Rising Star - Joe Madera

Howdy Pardners Western Hospitality Award - Jackson Hole Jaycees

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