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2021 Fall Arts featured poster

Fall Arts Festival Featured Artist

2021 Fall Arts Festival posters now on sale!

2021: The Wort Hotel by Gary Lynn Roberts
Featured artwork: 64x48 oil on canvas
Posters: 22x28 on 80# paper

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Poster signing event will take place on Wednesday, September 15, 2021 from 5-7 pm at West Lives On Gallery.

About the 2021 Fall Arts Festival Featured Artwork, The Wort Hotel:

June 16, 2021 - Renowned artist, Gary Lynn Roberts, releases 48x64 oil on canvas painting titled ‘The Wort Hotel’.
After months of perfecting one of his self-proclaimed “best works yet”, Gary Lynn Roberts of West Lives On Gallery released the 2021 Fall Arts Festival (FAF) featured artwork, 'The Wort Hotel’, on June 15, 2021. The painting, which will celebrate the festival's 37th year, makes Fall Arts Festival history by being the first featured artwork to depict downtown Jackson using actual historical photographs from the early 1940s.

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About the 2021 featured artist, Gary Lynn Roberts:

April 14, 2021 - The Fall Arts Festival Committee’s careful selection of Gary Lynn Roberts as the 2021 features artist honors 53 years of dedication to Western Art and an even deeper legacy passed onto Roberts by his father. He began following in his renowned father’s footsteps at only 14 and has since become well respected in the world of Western Art and highly sought-after by Western Art Collectors. Roberts’ signature depictions of the American West have been featured on covers of national magazines, hung in world-renowned shows and museums, and sold for more than $100,000 at auction.

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Previous Fall Arts Festival posters

Each year, the Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival presented by the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce features a commemorative poster. Would you like to purchase a poster? Call the Chamber at 307.733.3316. Availability may vary. Please note the $15 shipping & handling fee.

2020: "Hunter's Watch" by Thomas Blackshear
$50 signed

2019: "Of Earth & Wind" by Kathryn Turner
$10 unsigned

2018 "Teton Reflections" by Dennis Ziemienski
$10 unsigned

2017 "Rise Above" by Mark Keathley 20x30

2016 "Greeting the Dawn" by Edward Aldrich 22x28

2015 "13 Minutes from Eternity" by Billy Schenck - $10.00

2014 "Jackson Symphony" by Joshua Tobey - $10.00

2014 "Forever Jackson" by Nancy Dunlop Cawdrey - $10.00

2013 "River Overlook" by Jason Rich - $10.00

2012 "Dreamers Don't Sleep" by Amy Ringholz - $10.00

2008 "Recon" by Greg Beecham -  $10.00

2006 "Warm Valley Sun" by Scott Christenson (30'' x 74'') - $10.00

1998 "Galloping Bison" Malcom Furlow (27" x 27") - $10.00

1997 "Rooster Morris" William Matthews (17.5" x 38") - $10.00

1996 "Red Cloud Rising" Buckeye Blake (18" x 24") - $10.00

1995 "Out to Lunch" Anne Coe (30" x 24") - $10.00

1994 "Wyoming Roundup" Malcom Furlow (22" x 30") - $10.00


1993 "Dance Romance" Donna Howell-Sickles (24" x 28") - $10.00


1991 "Night Dancer" Sari Staggs (30" x 22") - $10.00


1990 - "The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone" Thomas Moran (18" x 24") - $10.00


1989 "Music in the Tetons" Summer W. Matson (28" x 24") - $10.00

1987 - $10.00

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