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Annual Awards Celebration

The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce's Annual Awards

2021 Annual Awards' Nominations Open

Every year, The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce awards the following honors:
Small Business of the Year
Large Business of the Year
Nonprofit of the Year
Citizen of the Year
Rising Star

Proudly announcing Jackson's 2020 Award Winners:

2020 Citizen of the Year: Wes Clarke
Wes’s work as Teton County School District’s Food Service Director helped provide over 100,000 meals since the start of Covid. In the midst of a pandemic causing unforeseen challenges to our school system, Wes and his team worked tirelessly to supply food safely, wherever it was needed. “During Covid we witnessed what I considered to be one of the most impressive acts of citizenry that I have seen in Teton County," said Jim Rooks who nominated Clarke for the honor. "Wes and his dedicated food service staff began preparing to go meals for all of our students during quarantine the summertime and currently during a very difficult fall season. On certain days, Wes and his team were prepping and delivering over 1,000 free meals a day to some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged members of our community... I sincerely believe that Wes deserves to be recognized as citizen of the year."
This award is based on activities benefiting the greatest number of people in the area, a singular accomplishment of great benefit to the community, or continuing service to the community over a period of time. Recipients of this award have been widely respected in the community for their personal qualities as well as their contributions. See previous Citizen of the Year Award winners below. 

2020 Ride for the Brand Award: Teton County Covid Response Team with special recognition to Travis Riddell, Jodie Pond, and Paul Beaupre
Travis Riddell (Teton County Health Officer), Jodie Pond (Teton County Public Health), and Paul Beaupre (St. John’s Health) were nominated for our awards an astounding 12 times by 12 different community members. It is clear that these individuals, and their teams, should be recognized, rewarded, and showered with gratitude. All three have shown an incredible commitment to the Jackson community while continuing to do everything in their power to keep our community safe. “Beyond their community safety efforts, these entities had an incredible positive impact on our business community during a very trying time. Their efforts to keep our businesses open safely should be noted along with all they’ve done to keep our people healthy,” said Jason Williams of the decision committee.
This award is for an entity with long-term “demonstrated respect for the place we call Jackson Hole through dedicated, effective and exceptional action to ensure the vitality of our economy, community, and environment, our triple bottom line. Ride for the Brand”, reflecting the Chamber Brand Promise of integrity, commitment, leadership, impact and balance. To view previous Ride for the Brand Award winners, see below.

2020 Rising Star: Anne Marie Wells
Wells has quickly become an incredible force in the community. Her work is widespread, volunteering her time in no small number of local nonprofits and groups. Wells was essential in bringing The Vagina Monologues to Jackson, twice, which not only allowed diverse stories to be told, but also served as a fundraiser for The Communtiy Safety Network. As if her volunteerism wasn't enough, this young super star works at Community Entry Services, is theAssistant Director of Jackson Hole Writers, and assists Womentum (a program of which she is a graduate). Her will, passion, and follow-through in our community make her Jackson’s 2020 Rising Star, and we look forward to seeing what’s next from Anne Marie.
Honorable Mention: The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce would also like to recognize Wendy Martinez, a promising young professional at Habitat for Humanity who was nominated and strongly considered as someone blazing the streets of Jackson.
This award is for the individual, under the age of 40, who is blazing the streets of Jackson with their innovation and service – both professionally and personally. To view previous Rising Star Award winners, see below.  

2020 Green-to-Green Award Winner: The Shine Group
The Shine Group, providing cleaning services, lodging, and property management, is a highly-respected organization in the community for many reasons, just one of which is their dedication and commitment to sustainability efforts. Owner Monay Olson and her team place a “green” focus on everything they do. During the pandemic, many green initiatives became more difficult and community waste increased, but The Shine Group enhanced their cleaning and safety efforts while remaining true to their sustainable mission. Premier Green Cleaning even offered discounted and awarded cleaning services when they were needed most. Nominated by the Riverwind Foundation’s Tim O’Donaghue, Monay Olson and The Shine Group are recognized both for their community contribution during the pandemic and their effort to keep Jackson beautiful for future generations.
This award is for the business that has shown a commitment to the environment by prescribing to innovative and effective environmentally conscious business practices. See below for previous winners of this award.

2020 Small Business of the Year: Wilderness Adventures Base Camp
Wilderness Adventures Base Camp, owned by the local Holland Family, provides "an outdoor based day camp...providing ample space to be outdoors, in fresh air, and experience the wonder and magic of camp”. Throughout 2020, Wilderness Adventures provided 750 children with day camp, overnight trips, and invaluable outdoor resources. During Covid, they were one of very few resources that were able to safely supervise and educate children while parents dealt with the stress of working during a pandemic. "It made our kids summer & restored some hope that life may some day return to normal. They truly smiled again," said a local mother who submitted one of their multiple nominations.
This award recognizes a small business (15 year-round or less employees) or entity that has achieved excellence in all areas of operations and contributed to the Jackson community. Previous winners of this award are listed below.

2020 Large Business of the Year: Roadhouse Brewing
Roadhouse Brewing was instrumental in getting PPE and assistance to our community in a critical time. Beyond being an incredible business, with a new location, that is becoming nationally recognized, Roadhouse continues to put the Jackson community first in their business operations. In early stages of the pandemic, masks and PPE were extremely difficult to find, and it was clear that local businesses would not be able to open without precuring this much-needed equipment. Colby Cox and Roadhouse Brewing helped our community acquire it’s first round of PPE equipment – thousands of masks, sanitizers, etc. that were quickly distributed to individuals and local businesses by The Chamber. “We would not have received that first round of PPE equipment if it weren’t for Roadhouse Brewing,” said Laurie Andrews of the Annual Awards Committee. “They’re work for the Jackson community in a time of crisis should not go unnoticed.”
Honorable Mentions: Jackson Hole News & Guide and New West Knife Works. Both of these organizations were also nominated as Large Business of the Year and strongly considered. Jackson Hole News & Guide showed incredible community commitment and honorable journalism by providing fact-based truth, free-of-charge. New West Knife Works was also essential to the community in early stages of the pandemic, as they pivoted quickly to make and distribute hand sanitizer.
This award recognizes a large business or entity that has achieved excellence in all areas of operations and contributed to the Jackson community. Lower on this page you can see those who have won this award in previous years.

2020 Nonprofit of the Year: One22
Local nonprofit, One22 was originally nominated  in the “Small Business of the Year” category, but after some discussion it became clear that a nonprofit category should be created. The selfless and important work of local nonprofits, especially this year, should be recognized and celebrated. One22’s mission, compounded with their community response to Covid, made it an honor to award One22 The Jackson Hole Chamber’s FIRST EVER “Nonprofit of the Year”. “Early on in the pandemic, food shelter, and medical support were immediate needs for many of our community members. One22 responded quickly by providing financial assistance to our most vulnerable community… An organization that previously had processed about 200 or so grants a year geared up, literally overnight, to support the overwhelming needs of our community,” Laurie Andrews of the Community Foundation speaks highly of One22.
The Nonprofit of the Year award will now serve to recognize a local nonprofit yearly who has exceled in their mission and met a true need within the Jackson community.


The Chamber recieved over 65 nominations for deserving businesses and individuals. Congratulations to all who were nominated, and thank you to all who submitted nominations!

Annual Awards Ceremony

All winners will be individually awarded a trophy and will be celebrated in the local News & Guide. All nominees will also be notified and congratulated.
Due to safety restrictions, there will be no in-person Annual Awards Celebration this year.

Thanks to our decision committee: Jason Williams (Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris), Fernando Ramos (Rendezvous Mountain Rentals), Laurie Andrews (Community Foundation of Jackson Hole), Kris Shean (Jackson Hole Haagen-Dazs), Ned Wonson (Jackson Hole Mountain Resort).


2019: The 53rd Annual Awards Celebration Winners 

Save the Block Group - Citizen(s) of the Year

Bar J Chuckwagon - Ride for the Brand

Shelby Read - Rising Star

The Riverwind Founation - G2G: Green to Green

Jackson Hole Airport - Business of the Year (Large)

Valley Bookstore - Business of the Year (Small)

2018: The 53rd Annual Awards Celebration Winners 

Heather Overholser - Citizen of the Year

Jerry Blann - Ride for the Brand

Kendra Heimbuck - Rising Star

Grand Teton Lodge Company - G2G: Green to Green

Fine Dining Restaurant Group - Business of the Year (Large)

Sweet Cheeks Meats - Business of the Year (Small)

2017: The 52nd Annual Awards Celebration Winners 

Rich Ochs – Citizen of the Year

Clarke Nelson – Power of Place

Crista Valentino – Rising Star:

Slow Food in the Tetons – G2G: Green To Green

Jackson Hole Rodeo – Business of the Year

Terry Ray – Distinguished Service

2016: The 51st Annual Awards Celebration Winners 

Power of Place – Steve Duerr

Citizen of the Year – Dr. Heather Carleton

Business of the Year – Snow King Mountain Resort

Green to Green – Local Restaurant and Bar

Rising Star – Chase & Cody Lockhart

2015: The 50th Annual Awards Celebration Winners 

Citizen of the Year - Katharine Conover

Business of the Year - The Wort Hotel

Green-to-Green - Hole Food Rescue

Rising Star - Dick Stout

Power of Place - Pete Karns

Howdy Pardners Western Hospitality Award - Craig and Cliff & Loretta Kirkpatrick

2014: The 49th Annual Awards Celebration Winners 

Citizen of the Year - Mayor Mark Barron

Business of the Year - Snake River Brewing Company

Green-to-Green: Terra Firma Organics

Rising Star - Ali and Kevin Cohane

Howdy Pardners Western Hospitality Award - Mike and Claudia Schrotz

Power of Place - Manuel Lopez

2013: The 48th Annual Awards Celebration Winners

Business of the Year (New for 2013) - Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

Citizen of the Year – Bob McLaurin

Green-to-Green – Blue Spruce Cleaners

Rising Star – Tom Fay

Howdy Pardners Western Hospitality Award – Jackson Police Department Citizen's Mounted Unit

2012: The 47th Annual Awards Celebration Winners 

Power of Place - Old Bill’s Fun Run

Citizen of the Year - Herb & Amy Brooks

Rising Star - Joe Madera

Howdy Pardners Western Hospitality Award - Jackson Hole Jaycees

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