Peak Performance Guest Service Training - Front Line & Staff

This event has already finished but is here for for your information

“To the customer, you are the company.”

Location: Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates Conference Room
Time: 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM
80 West Broadway
Jackson, Wyoming

Contact: Rick Howe

Admission: $20 Members/ $35 for future members

Front Line & Staff Training “To the customer, you are the company.” How can a get my company to take notice of my efforts in such a busy workplace? What steps can I take as a seasonal or fulltime staff member to get to the next level in my career aspirations? These sessions will help you take another step towards achieving your desired financial and career goals. The tools you will be given in this session will help you and your coworkers create the workplace environment you will be proud of. "



Peak Performance Guest Training was the perfect condensed seminar about how best to support your team and improving customer service. With the busy summer arriving the seminar was a great refresher for my team about what we are doing right and what we can improve on." -Johanna Murphy Springhill Suites by Marriott

"Thank you Chamber for providing the managers training session directed by Chamber Vice President, Rick Howe. Unlike sessions provided by outside trainers, we are fortunate to have a certified professional trainer available in our community who can provide tools and insight to enhance the success of businesses within our unique Jackson environment. Rick’s presentation is both engaging and inspirational. He covers topics pertinent to our community and provides examples of successful resolutions to a range of concerns. Anyone who is a manager or supervisor is so because they are a leader and care about the success of their business. The opportunity to take advantage of this program will benefit your personal development as well as prove to be of value to your business." -Pattie Green Teton Lodge & Co


"Spending $20 to have a stellar Summer seems like a no brainer right? We are sending our staff to The Chambers Customer Service Training in order to help them get better. The sessions are only $20 for Chamber members, and their are options tailored to employees and managers. We think a store full of knowledgeable staff is good for our businesses, and good for our town. Give your staff the tools they need to handle customers, increase sales, and be happier at work."-John Frechette MADE


"Through effective customer service training you give your employees the tools to become better at their jobs which results in happier employees, customers and owners. This spring's training is conducted by Rick Howe (IOM Faculty US Chamber of Commerce Foundation) Attendees elsewhere typically spend $1200 to register for Institute for this quality of training. Through your membership in the Chamber we are offering this training for only $20 per session.Rick's extensive experience in business, customer service and his contagious enthusiasm for Jackson Hole make him the ideal person to train you and your staff." -Barry Hunter Rusty Parrot Lodge


Rick Howe Peak Performance Bio

Rick Howe is currently Vice President of the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce and is a Graduate of the US Chamber of Commerce Institute for Organization Management. Rick teaches and speaks throughout the country providing the latest updates and trends in all areas of organizational health with main focuses on customer service, business culture, strategy and ethics. Rick currently serves on the US Chamber Institute Foundation’s Board of Regents and Institute Faculty. He has special expertise in operational planning, business and program management, resource allocation, staffing and financial administration, formulating and implementing effective solutions and resolving complex challenges.

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