Plant Genomics & Gene Implantation

This event has already finished but is here for for your information

This two day online scientific community event will focus on bringing together Biotechnology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology, Bioinformatics, Computational sciences professionals involved in basic and translational research of plant genetics.

Location: Online
Time: 9:15 AM to 7:15 PM
40 Bloomsbury Way, Lower Ground Floor
London, California

Contact: Emma Stone

This event focuses on aspects such as Plant Breeding, Crop/Trait improvement, Development of molecular markers, Disease resistant plants, Epigenetics, Evolutionary studies, Genome selection sequencing in plants, Pathology and Regulation of plant genome editing tools to overcome barrier in data analysis and management. It will consider the latest advances in Biology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Bioinformatics, Computational sciences to the development of successful control of Plants and there traits improvement worldwide.

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