Troy Collins' "The Grandest Journey"

Troy Collins of Mountain Trails Gallery named
2022 Fall Arts Festival Featured Artist

"The Grandest Journey" by Troy Collins
60x60 oil on canvas

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The Fall Arts Festival and the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce are proud to announce this year's Fall Arts Festival featured piece: "The Grandest Journey" by Troy Collins. It is a 60x60 oil on canvas piece in Troy's signature style - bright colors and rich textures of impressionistic Western landscape - with a nod to Jackson through his depiction of the trees & the Tetons. The artist skillfully employs the effects of light and shadow as well as a rich color palette to masterfully depict a crisp fall Teton day.

Troy Collins is a renowned western landscape impressionist who has had his work featured in numerous galleries, publications, and even the U.S. Capitol. When he crafts a piece in his studio, nestled in Montana's Bitterroot Mountains, Troy aims to connect his audience with the landscape by using color, texture, and design elements to evoke powerful emotions from the viewer so that they may feel the energy that flows through him as he puts brush to canvas. His driver is his desire to convey his love of art and captivate and inspire those who view his paintings. He has been chosen as a top 25 quick-finish artist in the West and is a proud member of the C.M Russell Museum's Russell Skull Society of Artists.

Collins has also been a long-time supporter of the Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival, painting in the Jackson Hole QuickDraw for over ten years. Often QuickDraw spectators will gather around Troy to see what he will create and a bidding war will ensue during the QuickDraw auction for collectors who want to get their hands on a Troy Collins. This year will be no different, with bidders wanting to ge their hands on THE Troy Collins - "The Grandest Journey".

Photo by Riley Frances Photography
Troy Collins at the Jackson Hole QuickDraw, 2021

When asked about the process behind creating ‘The Grandest Journey,” the Fall Arts Festival featured piece, Troy said he wanted to incorporate the iconic scenery of the area, including The Grand and Jenny Lake. He researched different photos and looked over all his past pieces to realize what styles and methods he wanted to incorporate into the piece and what angles and views to incorporate. The fiery fall color palette chosen was obvious, considering it one of his most admired color palettes. Mixing in his unique creative liberties allows Troy to put his mark on something as iconic as the scenery of Grand Teton National Park. When coming up with the title for the piece, Troy states that his wife comes up with most of the titles, and when she suggested “The Grandest Journey,” it really stuck with him. “This piece in so many ways represents the pinnacle of my journey so far,” He elaborates, “it is in many ways a parallel to my career, I have put in so much work into my career, and now it feels that I am starting to see the fruits of my labor.” When asked what he thinks the piece represents and what he wants viewers to get out of it. He says, “I wanted it to represent love, joy, and peace.” He wants viewers to feel the painting and not just see it. For him, one of the most powerful compliments he can receive is when someone tells him his work made them feel a particular emotion, such as happiness or joy. “I want people to feel color, not just see it,” he says.   

“The Grandest Journey” will grace the 2022 Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival commemorative posters and the original painting is on display at Jackson’s historical Wort Hotel until it is offered for sale at the Jackson Hole QuickDraw auction on Saturday, Saturday, September 17, 2022. Posters are availalbe for purchase above and are likely to sell out. The artwork also will appear on the label of the special edition of Fall Arts Festival featured wines, produced by the Jackson Hole Winery.


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