Fall Arts Featured Painter: Roger Ore 

Every year the Jackson Hole Fall Arts Committee selects an artist from a local gallery to be featured as the Fall Arts Festival Featured Artist. The artist is tasked with creating a one-of-a-kind featured piece for the festival which is auctioned off at the famed Jackson Hole QuickDraw at the end of the 12-day festival. This year the Fall Arts Committee has selected two artists in honor of the 40th anniversary of the Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival. This year's featured painter is Roger Ore of West Lives On Gallery

Roger Ore, a native of Utah, is a painter of western panoramas.  His oil paintings depict the breathtaking beauty of the Colorado and Wyoming mountain ranges.  In his art, Roger lavishes attention on distant sky dramas while painting the foreground in even greater detail.  Wildlife, mountain men, and Native Americans are often included as subjects when Roger goes beyond the already impressive landscapes.

Born and raised in the West, Roger took a liking for painting at a young age and learned early in life of the natural beauty and intrinsic value of the mountains and surrounding landscapes.  During his school years, Roger was an avid painter and sculptor, winning awards and scholarships to several colleges and universities.

Influenced by the art of Wilson Hurley, Tucker Smith, and Frank McCarthy, Roger’s love of art and intense desire to paint never waned.  He has studied with several artists including Veloy Eaton and Stuart Heimdal, working to improve the lines in his paintings by giving them a softer touch.

Roger attributes his success to his ability to paint with realism and absolute veracity. “I’ve taken a real interest in trying to capture the moods of the weather and the rugged beauty of the Rocky Mountains, especially the Tetons”, says the artist.  His very tight and intensive style of brushwork imposes a severe limitation on his work output, as a result, he can complete only a very select number of paintings over an extended time.  This exclusivity of his production always leaves the patrons waiting for more.

Roger can often be found finding inspiration in the Tetons of Wyoming, the Wasatch and Uintah mountains of Utah, or the Elk Mountains of Colorado.  There, he studies the landscapes and cloud formations as well as the native wildlife and vegetation.  Occasionally Roger recreates one of the many real-life situations he has encountered and photographed at Indian Powwows, mountain men rendezvous, and black powder shoots.  Roger also utilizes a large collection of accumulated historical information about the subjects of his paintings.