Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce
Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce

Peoples Market

Farmer’s Markets

Jackson Hole has vibrant farmers markets featuring locally-grown herbs and veggies to locally-raised beef and eggs.

Traditional farmers markets are held during the summer months but local products can be found by shoppers year round at grocery stores, small shops, and directly from local producers.

The Chamber is proud to have members from Jackson Hole, Teton Valley, and Star Valley who contrubute to the vibrant and fun selection of local products.

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Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce

Farmers Markets Offer Local Products

04/29/2016 6:06PM CDT

When you're traveling, do you like to enjoy local specialties? If you're visiting Jackson Hole in the summer, don't miss the farmers markets! If you're visiting in the winter, peruse local shops and ask your server for suggestions.

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