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Part of the Chamber’s Mission is to educate our member base on issues affecting them to ensure the health and function of our businesses and the greater community. This is accomplished by providing avenues and venues for chamber and community members to get informed on issues that directly affect them, including local, regional, and national issues. Election & Voter education on the Chambers part takes place in the form of web seminars, election forums, news bulletins, and press releases.   


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State Government

The Wyoming State Government Constitutes three branches of government, including the executive, legislative, and judicial branches. The Governor leads the executive branch and includes the Secretary of State, who oversees Wyoming’s elections. The State Auditor, Treasurer, and Superintendent of Public Instruction. The state legislature comprises the senate, with 30 members, and the house, with 60 members. State Senators serve four-year terms without term limits, while State Representatives serve two-year terms without term limits. The state has one at-large seat in the U.S. House of Representatives and three votes in the U.S. Electoral College.    

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Ballot Initiatives & SPET  

Ballot Initiatives may be instituted by citizens of Wyoming as a State Statute. Citizens also have the power to repeal legislation via a veto referendum. Legislatures may avert ballot measures by passing similar legislation. Citizens do not have the ability to initiate constitutional amendments. This power resides in the Wyoming State Legislature, which requires a two-thirds majority from each chamber to place a constitutional amendment on the ballot. To learn more, click here.


The Special Purpose Excise Tax (SPET) is a 1% (or 1c) of sales tax collection that goes towards voter approved initiatives. Teton County tax rate is 6% (4% WY state sales tax, 1% local county option, 1% SPET). The number of projects approved does not increase the amount of tax imposed, it just extends the collection timeframe. If no new proposals are approved the tax ends when the previously approved projects are fully funded.

The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce strongly supports voting in the SPET elections. A tried and tested process when the community voices its opinion on priorities for future sales tax funding.

SPET Elections show the power of the relationship and the necessary coexistence and compatible outcomes that are business friendly and community friendly. Business is community and community is business. Over 60% of the total SPET revenue comes from non-residents. This tax is the best way to leverage our tourism economy for improved quality of life for residents.


Historically the Chamber of Commerce has advocated for certain ballot initiatives, but this has not included specific SPET items. As a strong membership organization with many individual member opinions, our Board of Directors has decided to continue this precedent and not advocate or oppose any specific SPET item.

However, from 2021 membership surveying we know their priorities are workforce housing and transportation issues, and we would not be meeting our mission if we did not listen to our members.

Therefore, we are strongly encouraging all residents to become educated on the solutions that some of the SPET items will bring for workforce housing and multi-modal transportation 

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