Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce

Celebrate Small Business Saturday

Senator Enzi's November Chamber of Commerce Submission

As the holiday season descends upon us, the ties to home grow stronger. Friends and family return home, and community events reflecting the joy of the season begin to crop up. This is one of the great boons of living in our state, a state in which we can count many of our fellow residents as members of our extended family. While we count the good things in our lives during the holidays, we should also remember to count the local small businesses that support our communities, create jobs and provide economic growth in Wyoming.

For the seventh year in a row, the Senate passed a resolution designating the Saturday after Thanksgiving as “Small Business Saturday.” This designation is intended to draw attention to the local businesses that create jobs, drive our economy and help sustain our communities. I’m a proud supporter of this resolution and encourage you to show your appreciation for the small businesses in your community by shopping locally on November 26.

Local spending and business growth directly benefit the local economy. For every $100 spent in locally-owned, independent stores, $68 recirculates in the community. This revenue helps drive employment opportunities and can provide funding for needed projects – anything from road maintenance to technology updates in local schools.

Small, locally-owned businesses are the engine of our recovery, and an integral part of our communities, so let’s get out there and show our appreciation!

This letter was shared by Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo who sends communications to chambers of commerce across the state of Wyoming.