START Bus & Bikes

Southern Teton Area Rapid Transit (START) is a public bus service provided by the Town of Jackson and Teton County. START is an easy and predictable way to get around the Jackson valley without having to worry about parking or filling the tank. 

The START bus serves visitors and locals in Jackson and provides commuter service Monday through Friday from Star Valley, Wyoming, and Teton Valley, Idaho to Jackson. 

For a full list of fares click HERE | For the bus routes and schedules click HERE | To visit their site click HERE


In the summer of 2018, START launched a new bike program that has taken the town by storm–by both visitors and locals–offering another efficient way to get around town without having to rev up an engine.

START Bike Rates

For a full list of rates click HERE | To see available bikes and get started click HERE

START BIKE is as easy 1-2-3:

  1. 4JH logoDownload the BCycle App
  2. Sign Up
  3. Enter your credit card information
  4. Receive a 6 digit login
  5. Set your 4 digit PIN
  6. Unlock the Bike
  7. Use your BCycle App to enter the bike number you want to ride
  8. Or, enter your login number and PIN into the screen on the bike
  9. Or, Use your RFID Card to Unlock the Bike
  10. Ride!
  11. Return



Need more information? Explore our Explorer Magazine Travel Planner, which you can also explore electronically HERE. If you're already here, feel free to stop by one of our Visitor Centers where an experienced agent will be able to guide you in the right direction