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Winter Windfall


1st prize winner of $2,000 is Michele Poulsen! Ticket was purchased at Nest.

2nd prize winner of $1,000 is Fred Lamming! Ticket was purchased at JC Jewelry.

3rd prize winner of $500 is Victoria Munoz! Ticket was purchased at Accentuate.

Thank you to all the local shoppers and all the local businesses for participating! Happy Holidays to each and every one of you!


Program details: The Chamber of Commerce will begin advertising the week prior to Black Friday and run the entirety of the program until December 20, 2018. Customers will receive 1 entry per person when they spend $20. They will then receive an additional raffle ticket for ever $20 spent. Three lucky shoppers (and employees!) will win the following prizes-

Total prizes: $4,500

All prizes are awarded in Store Credits: To be administered through the Chamber of Commerce-
1st - $2000
2nd- $1000
3rd- $500

Staff Incentives for the 3 winning businesses: To be administered through the Chamber of Commerce-
1st - $400
2nd – $300
3rd – $300

December 20th, we will collect all store bins. Prizes will be drawn on Dec 21st & Winners announced – All winners will get business credit to the stores drawn and are encouraged to be used during the Winter months. (must be 18 to enter and be eligible)


Winter Windfall 2018 Contest Rules

-Chamber of Commerce staff are not eligible for “Winter Windfall” prizes.

-You must be 18 years of age to participate and collect any of the “Winter Windfall” prizes. Prizes are non-transferrable and are issued in store shopping credits only. No cash will be issued for the prizes. Individuals will be responsible for any purchase amounts over the prizes awarded.

-Employees of participating businesses are not eligible to enter for their business of employment. They are eligible for any other participating businesses of the program.

-There is a maximum of one complimentary raffle ticket per person per day at participating businesses. All other raffle tickets will be issued based upon 20 dollar increments in purchases at any participating business. (businesses not participating in “Winter Windfall” are not eligible for shopping credits to be used)

-Contest winners of the 3 prizes drawn will have the choice to spend their Holiday winnings at up to 3 of the stores participating in the “Winter Windfall Program”. One of the 3 stores selected one must be the store where the raffle ticket was purchased or provided.

-Prizes winners will be drawn and winners of all prizes will be notified on December 21st, 2018.

-Prize moneys must be awarded by the “Winter Windfall” program start Black Friday November 2019.