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Where to Snowshoe in Jackson

Travel off of the beaten path and experience the beauty and serenity of Nature by snowshoeing. Professional guides and equipment providers are available to serve your desire to explore the mountains in winter.

Staying fit and active during the winter can be a challenge, especially for avid outdoor enthusiasts. The cold weather can make some summertime activities like jogging, swimming, and cycling almost impossible. Fortunately, the cold weather also opens up options for winter-specific activities, including skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing. The benefits that come with snowshoeing are starting to make it an increasingly popular winter sport, and can help you have a happier, healthier winter!

Where to Snowshoe

Snowshoes excel at reaching locations too tricky for skis—through thick trees or over uneven terrain. That makes snowshoeing the perfect tool for tracking animals through the woods and along river bottoms, or for anyone craving a little more stability in their snowsports.

  • Bradley and Taggart Lakes - This pair of lakes tucked hard against the Teton Range in Grand Teton National Park is ideal snowshoeing terrain. Trace a pair of loops beside either or both lakes over rolling, timber-covered hills. Follow the well-packed trails or venture into the untracked to get a close-up view of the stunning peaks all to yourself.
  • Cache Creek  -- Just a 10-minute drive from Jackson’s Town Square, this five-mile, pet-friendly trail is an urban haven, filled with pristine winter views and wildlife encounters. The out-and-back route rises gradually for 1,200 feet and is ideal for jaunts of a half-day to a few hours.


Hole Hiking Experience offers guided two-hour, half, and three-quarter day snowshoeing trips. Rated for all abilities, snowshoeing is great for people who are looking for a new experience and maybe a little exercise. Experience the National parks, and wildlife, all while you learn about the resilient winter ecology of Jackson Hole. 

In the mood to put on a pair of skis? Try cross-country skiing to still get amazing views and an even better workout!