The 2022 Wyoming Legislative Budget Session is February 14 - March 11

The Wyoming House and Senate gathers in Cheyenne annually mid-February through mid-March. The schedule for this 2022 Budget Session can be found here. Watch live here

The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce closely follows bills that could impact local business and/or the people of Teton County. Check this page regularly for legislation updates from our CEO and Government & Community Affairs Liaison, Anna Olson.

Bills the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce is watching/supporting or against:

  • WY HB 35: Real Estate Transfer Tax (for) - see below for information
  • Medicaid Expansion 2022 (for) - See below for information
  • WY HB 25: Lodging Tax Sales Exemption (against)
  • WY SF 12: Airport Restaurant Liquor Licenses (for)
  • WY SF 19: County Optional Property Tax Refund Program (watch)
  • WY SF 42: Reporting on business Franchise Tax (watch)
  • WY HB 14: Fuel Tax (for)
  • Tourism Improvement District (no bill # assigned yet)

All bills can be found here.

Two member surveys in 2021 indicated housing as the #1 priority and cause of labor shortage and staff resilience. Members indentified a Real Estate Transfer Tax as their top opportunity to raise significant conributions for future affordable & workforce housing developments. This bill is County-optional (it would still have to be voted by local voters on a local ballot every 4 years) and includes a threshhold of $1.5m that ensures transactions below this amount are not eligible. The 1% tax paid by the buyer would raise funds that would be wholly available to Teton County for public investment in future housing needs.

A Families USA study estimates 19,000 current Wyoming workers would qualify for coverage under expanded Medicaid. These include small business owners who cannot afford employer-based insurance for their staff or, often, themselves. As employers, we know that as the health conditions of our workers improve, our businesses benefit. Healthier employees lose fewer days to illness and are more productive. We strongly encourage businesses to sign on and support here.

The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce will host a Business Over Breakfast with regional legislators upon their return from this legislative session. Viewers can anticipate that event on April 7 from 8-9 am online.