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Town Square

Town Square is the heartbeat of downtown Jackson, always bustling with activity.

The origins of Town Square go back to the 19th century. In 1899 Charles “Pap” Deloney opened the first single-room general store in his home on Cache Street, near our Home Ranch Welcome Center. There is much more to learn about Town Square's long history. Read "Exploring Hidden History on Town Square" for stories and photographs.

Jackson Hole's Town Square is internationally famous for its antler arches, one on each corner of the George Washington Memorial Park. Made up of 10,000 to 12,000 pounds of antlers each, they are the perfect backdrop to a vacation photo. In the winter, they are lit with holidays lights giving a festive and warm feel to the snow. 

In the middle of downtown Jackson, the Square offers an array of shopping, dining, and lodging options. Hundreds of people gather at Town Square for reenactments of a western shoot-out, art festivals, parades, farmers markets and art fairs, concerts and even a chili cook-off.

For more live views of the many gems in Jackson Hole visit our Webcams page. Webcam video provided by: SeeJh


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