Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch Courtesy of Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch

Hunting Outfitters

Hunting big game in Wyoming is unforgettable. The time of year arrives almost magically.

It’s time to dust off your all-weather camping equipment and prepare to head into the backcountry. The great part about Wyoming is that there is so much terrain to explore. From the prairies to the mountain peaks, you can spend every day of a Wyoming hunt in a new area, with a lifetime a head of you and never cover the same ground twice. It's what freedom truly feels like. 

You can see for miles the prairies and plains that are silhouetted by mountain vistas and smell nothing but the cool fresh air it makes you realize what is important in life. One day you can be on top of a mountain, so cold you think your face is about to fall off wondering why you didn’t put that extra layer and the next day you feel you should be hunting in shorts. 

Elk Refuge

We encourage hunters to spend time at a shooting range to brush up so that you will be comfortable with any decision you may need to make in the field. 

Ending a life is no easy choice to make. Out of respect for the species you will be seeking, you must be certain when you pull the trigger that you are accurate and sure, this only happens with practice. The toughest thing you will ever do as a hunter is pull the trigger or pull back that bow, you should only have to do it once. Nothing could be truer than that advice. Once these crucial steps have been taken care of, the adventure begins.