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Spas & Wellness

In a place filled with endless recreational opportunities, don't forget to nurture your body and mind

After a day of skiing, fresh, light powder, your legs might feel the burn. Or, having hiked around the majestic Grand Teton, you might be affected by the altitude. And maybe you want to be pampered - no excuse needed! Whether it's massage, yoga, or hydration therapy, experience the healing power of this place we call Jackson Hole.

Interested in ways you can add rest into your busy schedule?

  • persephone coffeeSweat it out in a steamy hot yoga class. Hot yoga is an incredible way to stretch tight muscles, lubricate joints and eliminate lactic acid. Don’t forget to drink up to 2 liters of water the day before you go to hot yoga and as much water as you can during class. Also, don’t be afraid! Go to yoga no matter what your skill level is, and gradually go deeper into poses. Yoga isn’t a competitive activity. It’s a little more introspective.

  • Grab a Chai tea and head to the library. The library in Jackson is modern and clean. One thing I love about the library is you never know who you will find there! Also, there is usually a wealth of information about our community there. Then head home and snuggle up with some soup and tea!

  • Replenish yourself with mineral and vitamin-packed food. Try adding fresh juice to your morning, along with that coffee. Order the salad made from locally grown greens, or swap out a beef burger with a bison burger.

  • Head out of town for a more natural experience! Try Granite Hot Springs for this. a Just few miles south of town, yet you are completely submerged in nature. You can bring drinks and snacks and soak in the naturally warm pool tucked away in the forest! Ahhh! Heaven on earth. The more convenient option - and equally, if not more luxurious - a roof-top hot tub.